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The Fastest Subscription Platform Just Got Faster

Updated: Feb 3

Just like the industry itself, we are constantly evolving to ensure that our new features are improving your overall business. Adding value to you and your customers through our variety of services. Focusing on user experience at the core of all our updates and changes. This time it’s all about creating a fast checkout process for our clients and their users.

It’s important to improve and adapt to the needs of our clients and their users. Our new saved addresses and credit card details feature is a crucial stepping stone to increasing revenue from returning customers. Especially since only 20% of first-time online buyers ever make a second purchase. We want to ensure that those returning customers have a seamless purchasing experience that keeps them coming back.

A Fast Checkout Process?

The saved addresses and credit card feature stores the details of users’ previously inputted addresses and credit card details. This allows the customer to automatically have the data appear when making a purchase on your website instead of having to manually enter all the details every time they make a purchase.

A great way to provide a seamless user experience is by speeding up the checkout process. Using these features, allow you to decrease the time it takes to make a purchase by more than half (or whatever the real fraction is). Making it easier for users to upgrade their membership, purchase an e-commerce product or report, or manually renew their subscriptions.

Take A Look For Yourself

Why We Did It?

As you can see for yourself it really does save time. Hammering down on one of the most important concepts when it comes to customer satisfaction; convenience. Instead of them having to go find their card, physically take it out, type out all the details, and then renew. They do it all in 15 seconds or less. Resulting in approximately a 160% reduction in our user’s check-out time. The quickest way to keep a returning customer coming back. This is why you should try out a free trial to see it for yourself or schedule a call with one of our experts.

We constantly aim to provide new features to fit our client’s subscription, membership, and eCommerce needs. Get started with a free trial, and schedule a demo call with one of our experts.


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