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Key Benefits:

Seamless integration with the entire tech stack

Seamless integration with the entire tech stack

24/7 Support Line and Professional Services

24/7 Support Line and Professional Services

One-stop user experience

One-stop user experience

Integrations Dashbaord showing google analytics, PayPal integration

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Pelcro's Out of the box integrations, HubSPot, Wordpress, Mailchimp apple pay and google pay

For Marketing & Operations

Seamless integration with the entire tech stack

Whether you are looking to connect with an ESP, CDP, payment processor, CRM, and more, Pelcro offers a seamless, integrate-able experience for all your business needs.

Automate workflows and sync data

Pelcro supports both one-way and two-way data syncs, as well as the ability to automate your workflows and maintain your custom funnels, through the integrations of your choice.

All-in-one solution

Whether you are managing payments and invoices, syncing customer data with other tools, or sending automated and transactional emails, Pelcro allows you to manage everything from one place.

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For Developers

Exposed APIs, Webhooks, and SDKs

Pelcro's complete set of technical documentation is available online, providing you with the flexibility to integrate and make iterations on the go.

Out-of-the-box integrations

Pelcro offers a large list of powerful, out-of-the-box integrations that requires no development from your end and saves money.

24/7 Support Line and Professional Services

You always have a go-to resource with Pelcro for support with any integrations or configurations. Additionally, you can rely on Pelcro's Professional Services team to integrate with your favorite tools so you don't have to.

Out of the Box Integrations
Front end user dashboard

For the End-User

Newsletter management

By integrating with your ESP, Pelcro allows users to update their newsletter preferences directly from their personalized user dashboard.

One-stop user experience

By integrating with your favorite tools, we ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience on your site which increases retention and decreases drop-off rates.

Quality and fast service

Users are never redirected to an external page to make a payment, access digital or video content, or make changes from their personalized dashboard, ensuring efficient, quality service on your site.

People Behind Pelcro

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