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Machine Learning

Key Benefits:

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Product Recommendations

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Churn Predictions

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Content Recommendation

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Pelcro's Subscription and Churn Probability Metric Graphic
Data and Analytics Dashboard showing page views and Registered subscribers

For Marketing & Operations

Increase conversions

Use AI models to recommend products to your users depending on their preferences.

Predict Churn

Predict churn with our tools and detect customers who are likely to cancel a subscription to your services.

Better targeting and positioning

Get Insight into users' preferences and target them correctly in the perfect buying window.

Get a free evaluation or your current funnel and user experience

For Developers

Flexible insight API

Pelcro Core APIs allow you to integrate complex services with Pelcro to go beyond the integrations we provide out of the box. 

Enrich user data

​Pelcro's Insight APIs offer predictive data insights and analytics, utilizing state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, to help your content, services, or web app tap into the growing trend of consumer interactions.

Subscription revenue graph
Pelcro's Machine learning user recommendations

For the End-User

See relevant products

Personalized product recommendations based on your purchases.

See the content you care about

Personalized content straight into your dashboard based on your favorite topics, authors, and contributors. 

Pelcro's CRM dashboard

7-Star CRM™️

No-code comprehensive solution.

out of the box integrations icon

7-Star ToolBox™️

Developer tools and docs for ultimate flexibility.


Pelcro Care™️

A team of experts for your every need.

Impacts of AI on the magazine industry e-book

Revolutionizing the Magazine Industry Guide: 

AI’s Role in Subscriber Acquisition, Retention, and Engagement

People Behind Pelcro

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Speak to one of our experts.

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