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Empowering businesses to deliver a 7-star experience

Empowering customer-facing businesses to deliver a 7-star experience enables them to stand out in the market, attract new customers and increase customer loyalty, ultimately driving business growth and increased revenue.

People Behind Pelcro


Consumer expectations of a Netflix-like experience are transcending across industries such as media, telecom, software, gaming, and more. As a result, businesses need identity, billing, and authorization management software to deliver a seamless and personalized user experience. The problem is that these systems are currently developed in-house by combining multiple solutions that require constant maintenance and patchwork. The result is a limited solution with a poor user experience.


Pelcro combines authentication, billing and authorization in a comprehensive platform with all the APIs, SDKs, UI libraries, and out-of-the-box integrations that businesses need to exceed consumer expectations and unlock revenue growth.


Our mission is to continuously learn from our customers and build all the necessary services that would help them create a seamless consumer experience.

Our Core Values

We believe the best candidates and team members possess the following core values


Take ownership of your responsibilities in order to make the right decisions.


Develop a deep understanding

of the customers' needs to find

the best solution.


Effective communication fosters collaboration and helps us achieve

our goals.

Company established in 2016

Founding team members got

together for the passion of building

a product to reduce friction between businesses and consumers.

Selected by accelerator in 

2018 FounderFuel

Pelcro was selected to join Canada's leading venture accelerator to join more than 100 top tier companies that have become some of Canada's largest employers

Joined an incubator in 2017 McGill X-1

Founding team members were selected to join McGill X-1 to tour North America where we met regularly with top tier entrepreneurs and investors from as Sequoia, Soft Bank, Michael Kors, for coaching.

Top tier clients 40+ Passionate

team members

Working with enterprise clients around the world from North America to Europe. Pelcro's holistic solution is disrupting the identity and billing management markets that are expected to reach a combined value of $23.1 billion by 2025 (15% CAGR).

Let's meet

Check out the open positions on the right. If you don't find a position that exactly fits you, don't worry; apply and we will explore alternatives.

We're always looking for talent

Can't find an open position that fits you? No worries! Send us your resumé or contact and we will explore something together.

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