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Customer Spotlight

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Neil Patrick Harris'

Supporting and enhancing Wondercade’s user sign-up and registration process, creating a seamless experience for subscribers.​​

"Our key business goal was to maintain the intimate, 1:1 relationship with our readers as we expanded to the web. We’re pleased to say that Pelcro’s tools offer our audience of 200,000+ subscribers a seamless registration process and entry into” 

- Jay Gallagher, Vice President of Revenue 



  • Increase Print Subscriptions by 12%

  • Implemented multiple Paywall Configurations

  • Implementing user dashboards to create a self serve experience

“We chose Pelcro because they appeared to do everything we wanted to do and they did it in a way we were completely happy with while being less expensive than competing platforms in the market."

-Tom Laidlaw, Director of Audience 

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Education Week


  • Increase Auto- Renewals by 15%​

  • 24% increase in Subscriber growth

  • Maintaining a 90% customer satisfaction rating

"Pelcro's platform is a one-stop-shop for individual subscriber management with the best solution for simple recurring payments and plans. The ability to use a web-based product to review both print and digital subscriptions in real-time is unique in this space."

-Jennifer Molsley, Vice President of Marketing

Stars and Strip


  • 203% increase in new subscriptions within the first year.

  • An average of 17% increase in new monthly subscriptions since launch.

  • The average monthly churn decreased from 10% to 3% in 10 months.

“The Pelcro system created more tools for us to communicate with our customers and to evaluate the best service methods and pricing options.”

-Chris Verigan, Director of Engagement

People Behind Pelcro

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