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Key Benefits:

Pelcro's Integrate shipping tools icon

Integrate shipping tools

Pelcro's  Create list and fulfillments in minutes icon

Create list & fulfillments in minutes

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Seamless shipment management

Pelcro's product shipping

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Pelcro's Check-Out and list builder

For Marketing & Operations

Create list and fulfillments in minutes

Use a combination of more than 100+ attributes to create your ideal segmented fulfillment and renewal lists.

Audit reports

Create audit reports to fulfill any requirements from order to receipt.

Automate & clone lists

Create lists one time and set automation to repeat it every period. Automate your lists and renewal efforts to save time.

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For Developers

Shipping data access

Access via the API and SDK to all the user data shipping information.

Integrate shipping tools

Integrate with all your favorite shipping vendors that can help save time and money like (USPS, and Lob).

Use our webhooks to automate notifications

Out-of-the-box email and mail notifications to empower the customer

Pelcro's Shipping CRM setup
Data on shipments

For the End-User

Never miss a shipment

Create renewal and fulfillment lists and campaigns to ensure your customer never misses a shipment or issue.

Accessible shipping information

Let your customers know how many shipments they have remaining and when to expect the next one from their account.

Seamless shipment management

Give customers the ability to suspend and pause shipments directly from their accounts.

People Behind Pelcro

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