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Key Benefits:

Save time with prebuilt up components Icon

Save time with prebuilt components

No code required to setup or configure Icon

No code required to setup or configure

Keep users on the same page Icon

Keep users on the same page

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product-paywall with print and digital subscription and apple and google pay
Metered Paywall

For Marketing & Operations

No code is required to set up or configure

Easily create a metered paywall, choose which content or features should go behind a paywall, and much more without writing a line of code.

Easy yet powerful targeting

Use advanced targeting to personalize the language and currency based on your user's location, only show paywalls on certain pages or devices and much more in minutes.

A/B test Everything

Utilize our integrations with Google Optimize and Optimizely to AB test almost every single aspect to create the best paywall experience.

Get a free evaluation or your current funnel and user experience

For Developers

Save time with prebuilt-up components

Use customizable react JS components to create paywalls, user dashboards, and more without having to do it all from scratch.

Server-side integration

Utilize our server-side integration for more control over gating controls.

Custom Objects

Create custom fields, edit terms and conditions, and accommodate all other configurations with data that will be synced in a single source of truth and connected to the analytics system or CDP of your choice.

Pelcro's Paywall code for developers
Subscription pop-up picture

For the End-User

Keep users on the same page

A fast and seamless experience that takes customers from user to subscriber.

Personalized experiences

Customers see more personalized messaging and relevant available in their country, using their language, and presented in their currency.

Easily subscribe to or join group/corporate subscriptions

Give admins the ability to subscribe to their group and manage their users while providing users the ability to join group plans automatically by using their domain or IP address.

Pelcro's CRM dashboard

7-Star CRM™️

No-code comprehensive solution.

out of the box integrations icon

7-Star ToolBox™️

Developer tools and docs for ultimate flexibility.


Pelcro Care™️

A team of experts for your every need.

Impacts of AI on the magazine industry e-book

Revolutionizing the Magazine Industry Guide: 

AI’s Role in Subscriber Acquisition, Retention, and Engagement

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