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Release 1.73: New Enhancements for Payments & Refunds

Features & Enhancements

Source Tracking for Password Reset Requests

Now, we are capturing the source of the reset password requests by introducing the 'referrer' attribute to the Forgot Password and Reset Password APIs and their related webhooks. This enhancement distinguishes between requests originating from the mobile application and those from the website, enabling you to personalize communication based on the source of interaction.

Enhancements for Offline Payments and Refunds

You can now easily specify payment category, payment reference, and refund reason, providing you with the flexibility and control needed to accurately record payment information. These enhancements streamline your workflow and improve the accuracy of your financial records.

Enhancement for payment details
Pelcro Enhancement for Refunds

Incorporating Coupon Metadata into Core API

We're introducing an enhancement that will incorporate coupon metadata into the Core API. This enhancement will facilitate marking required special coupons and tailoring functionalities based on metadata attributes.

eCommerce Product SKU Filtering on Core API

Now, filtering eCommerce product SKUs by product ID is available directly through our Core API. This update provides you with a more efficient way to fetch specific SKUs, streamlining your development process and saving valuable time.

Customer Balance Ledger: Opening & Closing

This enhancement ensures that the Customer Balance Ledger dashboard includes both opening and closing balances, providing analysts with a holistic view of customer balances throughout the month.


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