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Segment Your Customers by Their Respective Organization With Release V1.54

Updated: Jan 22

What’s New in Pelcro’s Version 1.54

V1.54 release includes a variety of enhancements to the platform that will make managing subscriptions and memberships just a little bit easier. In the latest update, you can expect an organization-based customer segmentation feature that enhances Pelcro’s CRM functionality along with new accounting features that simplify the auditing process and help with data management and reporting. Additionally, some core API improvements have also been incorporated into this release and are available on our change log.

Here is What to Expect:

Organization Feature

The “organization” feature allows you to segment and group your customers by their respective organizations. This feature also allows you to store information about the businesses and organizations tied to your customers, thereby enabling you to analyze their subscription behaviors on an organizational level.

In addition to that, you can now look up your customers via the search box by their given organization and have a list of all the current customers that belong to a single organization show up in sequential order.

Exporting Products & Plans

You can now export information regarding your products and plans directly from the platform in the same way you export other objects to CSV format for all of your business operational and reporting needs.

Deferred Revenue Export

You can now export your deferred revenue balance per customer so that you can show it to the auditor from the Accounting module on the Pelcro platform if you click on the ‘Download Total Deferred Revenue’ button.

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