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Pelcro’s Subscription Management Platform was Chosen by The Day as Their Solution For Gated Content

Updated: Jan 17

The Day Chooses Pelcro to Manage Print and Digital Subscriptions for Its 37,000 + Daily Readers

New London, CT: Renowned newspaper The Day goes live on the Pelcro platform. The acclaimed paper advances its technical capabilities by implementing a strategic paywall solution that enables advanced geo-targeting, data segmentation, reporting, and a user-friendly, self-serve dashboard to manage subscribers.

Pelcro was selected due to the platform’s flexibility when it comes to customizing the UI/UX. And in order to meet the needs of The Day when it comes to geographic targeting, Pelcro developed a new feature for the paper that segments subscribers based on their zip code.

The idea is that as soon as you run out of free articles and hit a paywall, you’ll have to go through a mandatory zip code form which will determine your eligibility for either print, digital subscriptions, or both. The smart modal will determine if you’re within the print delivery zone or if you’re only eligible for a digital subscription.

The paywall system, including the zip code functionality, was custom by Pelcro. Making it easy for prospective customers who want to know what their purchase options are, and making it easier for The Day and similar newspapers to manage delivery and carrier routes.

Pelcro has also integrated with PressReader and Vision Data allowing for a more seamless unified experience. PressReader provides digital subscribers of the paper access to all print content in digital form and Vision Data aids in print subscription management.

“More than 70% of the features we implement are requested by our clients, which help us create tools that solve real problems and offer true benefits. This is why we are excited to see how our zip code feature has made such a meaningful impact for The Day and similar newspapers looking to modernize and simplify their subscription process.”

– Michael Ghattas, CEO – Pelcro

The type of paywall that is live on the newspaper’s website is known as a metered paywall. It allows readers a set number of free articles before hitting a paywall (in this case, the meter is set to three articles). Once that number is exhausted, the meter automatically triggers a hard paywall where action must be taken (the user must subscribe) in order to continue reading.

About The Day

The Day Publishing Company, established in 1881 by John A. Tibbits, publishes a daily newspaper in eastern Connecticut with a readership of nearly 37,000. The website generates more than 2.8 million page views a month. In addition to the daily paper, it owns and operates Community Newspapers and produces a portfolio of glossy magazines, newsprint special sections, town and event guides, and more. The Day was named Daily Newspaper of the Year by the New England Newspaper Association most recently in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017.

About Pelcro

All-in-one subscription & membership management platform that provides identity, authorization, and Billing in one place. A comprehensive and self-serve solution with no code required yet has all of the development tools to provide ultimate flexibility. Contact our team of experts to find out if Pelcro can work for your business or try it for free.


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