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Les Affaires Uses Pelcro to Boost Revenue & Increase Customer Satisfaction to 92%

Updated: Jan 17


Les Affaires, a long-standing French-language monthly business-oriented newspaper has been in existence since 1928 and publishes 14 issues per year. With its rich history and focus on delivering quality business content, Les Affaires has built a strong readership base over the years and to continue their growth, Les Affaires entered into a fruitful partnership with Pelcro, a leading subscription and paywall platform.

Problems Faced by Les Affaires Before Joining Pelcro

Les Affaires faced obstacles with their previous vendor, particularly with regards to database management and data-driven development strategies. Les Affaires sought innovative solutions centered around attracting and converting potential subscribers.

Solutions Implemented by Pelcro

Pelcro introduced Les Affaires to a comprehensive range of solutions aimed at enhancing user experience, customer satisfaction and retaining subscribers. By diversifying paywall styles, Les Affaires could effectively gate premium content and offer different subscription models to cater to reader preferences, ultimately increasing subscriber conversions.

Pelcro’s platform empowers Les Affaires by offering a unified and comprehensive system, providing a single source of truth for managing both print and digital subscriptions efficiently. With a developer-friendly and modern interface, Pelcro ensures seamless integration and user-friendly navigation for Les Affaires’ subscription management needs. Additionally, introducing Pelcro Care, alleviated payment-related burdens by handling customer service related tasks. This freed up Les Affaires’ resources, allowing them to focus more on content creation and audience engagement.

But that’s not all. Pelcro’s innovation extended further with the integration of telemarketing services into Les Affaires’ strategy. Leveraging telemarketing tactics, the Pelcro team achieved expected results by upselling premium content and fostering stronger bonds with existing customers. The personalized interactions offered through telemarketing allowed Les Affaires to recommend subscriptions tailored to readers’ interests, helping to improve customer retention rates.

“In today’s reality where data must flow quickly and securely between each of our suppliers, Pelcro’s system has helped us to improve the fluidity of our data flow between different systems. Our collaboration with Pelcro has also given us access to our new tools for evolving our marketing strategies.”

Éric Pearson-Head of Direct Marketing at Contex Group inc.

Success Stats and Numbers

The collaboration with Pelcro has enabled us to implement innovative acquisition (Paywall) and loyalty (Auto-renew) processes. These improvements greatly contribute to supporting the publication’s growth objectives. Additionally, Pelcro Care’s managed services led to a highly impressive 92% customer satisfaction rate. With Pelcro’s efficient handling of customer inquiries and payment-related concerns.

Pelcro’s strategic telemarketing efforts increased monthly revenues by an average of $2,700 Pelcro’s personalized, targeted approach to reaching potential customers has proven highly effective in contributing to Les Affaires’ growth objectives.

“Our operations team collaborated closely with Les Affaires, streamlining their subscription processes and using telemarketing to boost customer satisfaction and revenue. Our partnership has been transformative, empowering Les Affaires to focus on their strengths while we handle operations and customer interactions. I’m proud to be part of this collaboration and excited to support Les Affaires’ growth.”

Marian Lamie – Operations Manager at Pelcro

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