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Newsletter Nation: How Email Marketing Can Boost Your Reader Revenue

Updated: Mar 10

Regardless of your current business objectives, email marketing has not only a solution but also a cost-effective way to reach these goals.

While email marketing has been around for a good while now, it truly started becoming more in-depth and far-reaching in the last couple of years than ever before.

And, if you’re sick of hearing ‘content is king’ everywhere you go, we hate buzzwords too. However, there is no denying the brilliant results of good content on business growth and audience reach.

Wondering what email marketing has to offer? Read on for the top benefits of email marketing and how they can improve your brand awareness, conversion, and revenue.

Eyeballs on Your Content? Yes, on a Daily Basis

The truth of the matter is, your customers check their email every single day.

People check their inbox 20 times a day on average, with 68.9% opening emails on their mobile phones. Thus, your audience will be seeing your newsletter or offers on a daily basis. This will give you much higher rates of brand recall.

Email Marketing = Higher Conversion Rates

Email marketing has been proven to provide higher conversion rates than any other marketing tool. As it were, according to McKinsey,  the value order of an email is at least three times higher than the average for social media posts. 

Therefore, you can kick start your email marketing by combing it with an effective paywall strategy. Add in the support of an overarching communication strategy for high conversion rates and you’re good to go.

Moreover, make sure to craft solid emails with a clear cut Call To Action (CTA). Your brand can gently nudge your consumers to take the next step in the customer journey and move a bit closer to conversion. 

Automate Your Sales Cycle

Automation can be truly a gift from the technology gods. Your business can easily use email automation tools to develop  Marketing drip campaigns that can send email messages to your customers on a previously set schedule. It can also help with creating automatic touchpoints with your customers as you go.

In addition, certain emails can be triggered when a visitor takes a specific action on your website. For example, if your customer makes it to the pricing page, but then leaves without finalizing the conversion, you can reach back to them and offer them a reduced price or ask if they have any questions.

Increase Your Website Traffic

By linking to relevant website content in your newsletter or rather snazzy CTA, you can send your customer straight to your website to take a specific action. 

This strategy can be applied to different sections of your website, leading to different actions and types of conversions.

Track and Measure Your Customers’ Actions

Email Marketing can help you streamline your ability to track and measure your customer’s actions via your email content. Hence, you measure your ROI on these campaigns as well as make adjustments as you see fit.

These adjustments will depend on the results of multiple A/B testings, which will —in turn— make them highly effective. 

Moreover, if you’re worried about the costs of email marketing vs. its measurable benefits, you shouldn’t be.

In 2023, there’s a predicted 4.3 billion people who’ll be using email. Moreover, email marketing generates a yield of $44 for every $1 spent on setting email marketing up.

Turbo-Boost Your Brand Awareness

By adding value to your consumers via little packets of relevant knowledge placed directly into their inbox can work wonders on your brand awareness numbers.

Besides, you must ensure that your customer communication is consistent in order for your business’ image to take a permanent place in your consumers’ minds. In our day and age of relentless distractions, it can be a quite difficult goal to achieve. 

However, by making sure that your content is seen on the regular, your consumers will start thinking about your business’ services and products whenever there’s a need for them in their daily lives.

List Segmentation for Best Campaign Results

Optimizing your campaign results through list segmentation is a unique benefit of email marketing. 

Basically, list segmentation enables you to separate your email list into different groups according to shared characteristics or interests. Once this strategy is in place, you can start delivering more customized content to your readers.

Due to the content’s tailored nature, it can have a much higher impact on conversion rates than random generalized content.

Strengthen Your Customer Relations

Not only will email marketing help with building your credibility in the market, but it will also help with boosting your relationships with your current consumers as well as new leads.

The idea behind a newsletter should be all about adding value to your customers, as well as keeping them up to date with your latest moves. This can only be achieved through regular high-quality communications. As it were, newsletters can do so with minuscule costs and efforts. 

In addition to educating your audience on what matters the most to them, make sure to show your appreciation by routinely creating special promotions and exclusive content to your subscribers.

Make Your Content Shareable by Nature

Creating content that added so much value to your consumers that they want to share it with the world is a complement to any content creator. And, it’s a content that keeps on giving the gift of new consumers and generating leads.

By including social media buttons and other share-based icons in your newsletter you’re facilitating the ways of sharing your content, as well as increasing the probability that it will be shared in the first place.

Email Marketing for the Future

There is nothing sadder than a business with great content that no one sees. But, now that you know the great benefits of email marketing, you can take your boost your conversion rates to the heavens.

However, make sure that you’re getting the most out of your email marketing strategy by ensuring that it works in unison with a soft paywall and a modern subscription platform

If you’re wondering how to do so, make sure to contact us and we’ll get you all set up and ready for the future. 


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