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How To Use A Dynamic Paywall

Updated: Mar 16

A dynamic paywall is an important tool to be used by companies for their websites. Previously at Pelcro, we have covered hard and soft paywalls. We have also covered the top 6 mistakes to avoid when using a paywall.

Both paywalls have their benefits, but what sets a dynamic paywall apart is its versatility. We at Pelcro have created a dynamic paywall that benefits the user as well as the readers.

Dynamic paywalls are able to adjust accordingly toward each reader by monitoring their behavior on the website. The paywall then decides how many articles the reader can view and what subscription options to offer.

There is no right or wrong way to use a dynamic paywall, as is similar with soft and hard paywalls. However, there are ways in which the dynamic paywall can be used to be most effective.

We at Pelcro work to ensure that we can provide our readers with the best and most up to date information.

With Pelcro’s paywall, you can create multiple plans for different currencies and prices. This will allow you greater freedom in establishing plans for your readers on different budgets.

For each plan you create, a paywall is created. You target each paywall based on all the reader’s information which will be explained below.

If you need support setting up your dynamic paywall with Pelcro, please contact us here.

Below are 7 ways to use a dynamic paywall:

Based on Device:

Each device we have noticed convert differently. When designing your dynamic paywall, you must know what devices the majority of your users use. By understanding which devices convert the highest, you will be able to adjust the dynamic paywall accordingly.

The devices that convert into subscriptions the most, you will want to allow those readers to see more content before being prompted to subscribe.

You can also leverage the device information to display the right payment processor for the user. A study conducted by Pelcro showed that targetting Apple Pay on Apple devices increases conversions by more than 15%.

With the Pelcro dynamic paywall, you will be able to adjust the number of free pages readers can view according to the device. You can also adjust all of the points shown below, resulting in higher conversion!

Based on Location:

An important point to acknowledge is that each country converts differently. When using your dynamic paywall, you must understand which countries hold better conversion rates.

Some countries, although they may not have high conversion rates, may share your content on social media. Using the Pelcro dynamic paywall, you must ensure that you give these countries access to larger amounts of pages so that they can share the pages.

Supports stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bitcoin, CoinBase

Supports Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bitcoin, CoinBase

It is very important that you acknowledge the different conversion rates of your readers and adjust your dynamic paywall accordingly.

Based on the frequency of visits:

We at Pelcro noticed that displaying a paywall before 3 visits do not work for our readers. When using a dynamic paywall you must acknowledge that you need to draw your readers in with free content before using a subscription notification.

If a reader displays a higher frequency of visits to your site, they are more likely to subscribe to your website.

It varies per country, however, with some countries requiring to see more content before being prompted and some less. Using the statistics you gather with the Pelcro dynamic paywall, you can adjust the dynamic paywall to what you require.

Each country requires a different number of free pages to be available.

Based on user’s content preference:

For our dynamic paywall, we display a paywall on differing articles for each reader. We have acknowledged that what a reader will pay is dependent on their interests.

This is important and it really stresses the dynamic aspect of our dynamic paywall. Each reader should be given a paywall prompt at differing times as each reader is a completely different person from the last.

When using our dynamic paywall, ensure that you study any patterns from readers and adjust the paywall accordingly. This will result in higher conversion rates and higher share numbers on social media.

When to show the paywall on the page:

When designing the paywall, you must run test trials to know when to display the paywall on the page. At Pelcro we found that displaying a paywall below 20% of the page yields lower conversion rates.

The main reason for lower conversion rates when a paywall is shown below 20% is reader immersion. If a reader has not read more than 20% of the page, they may not feel directly immersed or impressed with the content yet.

When using the Pelcro dynamic paywall, you must ensure that readers are immersed in the content before showing the paywall. Around 40%-55% is a good range to display the paywall for the reader.

A/B testing:

A/B testing is extremely important when running a paywall. With the Pelcro dynamic paywall, you are able to use this feature to ensure higher conversion rates and lower rebounds.

A/B testing is the testing of two or more differing scenarios for two or more different readers. Analytics are then collected and allow the paywall user to design the paywall according to the results gathered.

The use of A/B testing will allow you to test different scenarios and gather reliable information.

We at Pelcro use A/B testing to ensure that our content and the dynamic paywall is perfect for our readers and audience.

A/B test your paywall

A/B test your paywall

If you have any questions about A/B testing, be sure to reach out to us. We would be happy to help.

Right Currency:

By showing the right currency based on user location, you can increase the conversion rate by over 20%!

By showing the correct currency, you can appear more professional to your readers and also make readers feel more comfortable with the subscription.

Using the right currency will also allow readers to see the exact amount it will cost them to subscribe, resulting in less rebound. Readers will also trust your site and product more.

Paywall that supports all currencies

Paywall that supports all currencies

Our dynamic paywall will allow you to adjust your paywall according to the analytics you get, resulting in higher conversion rates and less rebound.

If you need any help setting up your dynamic paywall, we would love to help you.

Setting up a paywall no longer needs to be confusing. We can ensure that what you dream is possible!

How do you use our dynamic paywall? Let us know in the comments below!


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