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How To Start A Blog In 5 Easy Steps: From Content Planning to SEO

I’ve definitely met a lot of talented writers who were interested in blogging. Especially after reading some of its benefits in our last post. Many have approached me about how to start, where to go, and how to get the ball rolling.  The process may seem complicated, but it’s really not. We’re here to break it down for you!  Here are the 5 simple steps you need to follow to start a blog! 

1. Find Your Passion

Your blog will be more successful if you write about a topic you love and you are passionate about. Some people know exactly what their passion is. I only discovered my passion in the past year by asking myself the following questions: What do I love to read about? What do I think about often? What do I enjoy talking about? When I go online, what do I search? If you’re thinking of a couple of different things, make a list and pick just one. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm yourself trying to keep up with four different topics.

2. Create A Content Calendar

Consistency is the key to a successful blog! Print a calendar for each month and make a plan.  How often are you going to post? Is it every day? Three times a week? What are some of the topics will you be writing about? There is so much room for creativity. Let’s say you decide to give career advice and that you’ll post 3 times a week. You can dedicate Mondays for motivational posts, Tuesdays can become “Tip Tuesdays” and Fridays you can publish a general blog. Print out a calendar each month, and plan. The last thing you want to do is post once a month and lose your readers’ interest.

3. WordPress

WordPress is an awesome platform you can use to start a blog. There are thousands of themes available on WordPress so you can customize your page to look exactly like you want it. You can also check out Theme Forest, which contains about 40 thousand themes!

The website is pretty user-friendly which is so important. You don’t have to download a software or use a complicated code that would require you to call your tech-savvy friend. If you decide that you want to collaborate with a friend on your new blog, WordPress also allows you to have multiple users. There are also so many plugins available that will extend the functionality of your platform as well.

4. Use Apprioate Plugins

I recently discovered Yoast and fell in love! With a simple plugin, Yoast SEO can help you improve the readability of your blog and optimize SEO. Yoast will give you tips on how to write the best blog!

The plugin will let you know when you have too many run-on sentences, not enough transition words, or if any of your paragraphs are too long. All of these tips will make your blog much easier to read and therefore more attractive to your readers. The plugin will also assist you in improving your SEO by helping you use appropriate keyword and post title.

5. Monetize With Pelcro

There is so much noise out there, so you need a couple of tips and tricks from experts to help you optimize your blog. Pelcro will assist you in monetizing your website. Once you start your blog, you can easily make a few bucks from it as well. We’re not just talking about making money by running ads on your website. I’m also suggesting creating a steady stream of revenue by creating a paywall. By learning how to consistently produce valuable material, you can create a membership website, become a full-time blogger and make money doing what you love!

Best of luck!

Can’t wait to hear all of the success stories!


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