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4 Simple & Effective Ways To Reward Your Loyal Members

Most of us have the Starbucks app on our phone or if you’re old school, you’re walking around with the card in your wallet. It might be a little bit more expensive, but hey! You get rewarded every time you get coffee or treats, and you get a free drink for your birthday.

Rewarding loyal members is super important, which is why several restaurants, clothing and beauty stores have implemented a program to reward their most loyal customers for coming back.

Now that you have your membership website up and running, it’s time to show your loyal subscribers how much you appreciate their support and reward them for it. For example, beauty vloggers reward their subscribers by having frequent giveaways. Loyalty programs are also a great way to increase your subscribers! We’ll tell you how 🙂

Here are some different ways to reward your loyal members:

1. Discounts

We see it at the gym all the time! Sign up for the whole year, and pay 30% less than what you would have paid making a month to month commitment. Same can go for your blog! Yearly subscriptions should be cheaper than monthly ones. loyal customers who sign up for 1 year should definitely get a discount.

As a new blogger, make sure to start out with a discounted price to encourage new subscribers. If your aim is to have each member pay $300 for a yearly membership, start out by having them pay only $100.

A flash sale is also a great way to reel in potential subscribers who have been looking at your free content and have been wanting to subscribe. You can advertise on your website and social media that for 48 hours, all potential subscribers get 25% off their yearly subscriptions.

2. A Chance To Win

Everybody loves free stuff! You can run a contest and give your loyal members a chance to win a free month. Another idea is, if you are hosting an event, you can give them a chance to win two free tickets! 

The best think about running a contest is that you are engaging your subscribers. If you are a health and fitness blogger, you can run a contest and ask your subscribers to post a photo of themselves in their favorite workout gear and tag you or use a specific hashtag. The top three winners can receive a customized month-long workout program and meal plan to help them reach their fitness goal.

By asking your subscribers to post a photo on Instagram and tag you, or use your special hashtag, you’re creating a movement, and capturing the attention of their social media followers, bringing more attention to your page.

3. Collaborations

Beauty vloggers work with cosmetic companies all the time and get special discount codes on certain products or free products to give away to their subscribers. For example, let’s say a skincare company is launching a new line of products. They might ask three top beauty bloggers a chance to advertise the new line. In return, they will give each one the whole collection to giveaway to one lucky subscriber.

By collaborating with other companies, especially bigger ones,  you become more credible and add more value to your website. By working with other companies, you are exposing yourself to their loyal members as well!

4. Early Access

As a Sephora addict (yes the beauty store) I have the app on my phone. The best part about having the app? I get early access to new products! Your members will sense the exclusivity when they have access to your work before anyone else.

Many websites also host events. A great way to reward your subscribers is to make these events open only to loyal members. In other events with limited seating, you can offer priority for your subscribers.

No one knows your members better than you! You should always think and research creative ways to reward your them.

Let’s get started!


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