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The Retention Strategy No Publisher Is Doing that Can Reduce Churn Rate by 75%

The retention stratagey no publisher is doing to reduce chunr by 75%

Act now to save your publication!  With a staggering 30% churn rate, the magazine and newspaper industry faces rapid decline. Combat this trend by implementing proven churn prevention tactics. Download our guide today to boost retention rates and secure your future in this shrinking market.

What's Inside?

The magazine and newspaper industry is listed among the top 10 industries with the fastest global declining revenue growth, largely due to a significant annual churn rate of 30%. Given that 40% of churn is avoidable through churn prevention tactics. Publishers need to act now to improve retention rates to survive in this shrinking market. 

But where do you start? Here is one way to reduce churn by 75% that almost no publisher is doing.

Don't miss out on this transformative guide.

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