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Pelcro's Campaign Builder

Stop Churn and Grow Subscribers 

Unlocks the power of customer data, automatically segment audiences and deliver personalized campaigns that keep subscribers coming back.

Trusted by Industry Leaders:

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Pelcro automated campaign builder

Send Personalized Campaigns at Scale

Increase Customer Retention by 10% with Data-Driven Campaigns 

  • Segment your audience based on demographics, behaviour, and preferences.

  • Deliver personalized content and offers that cater to each customer segment

Send automated campaigns at scale

Multi-Channel Campaigns Made Easy

Increase engagement by 50% with personlised outreach

  • Reach customers on their preferred channels

  • Create personalized experiences that retain subscribers 

Multichanel campaigns with pelcro
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Pelcro Campaign dashboard

Monitor the Performance of Your Campaigns 

Gain actionable insights to optimize your campaigns and drive growth

  • Accommodate different customer needs

  • Continuously refine your campaigns with A/B testing

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