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Pelcro Subprocessors

Pelcro wouldn't be possible without relying on third party services. We have carefully reviewed and chosen our vendors to ensure they share our respect for your privacy and protection of your personal data. Individual data processing terms with those vendors are in place. The following third-party services transparency report gives you an overview of which external services we use, how and why:

Third-party service providers

Last updated March 16, 2021

This page identifies the Subprocessors, describes their location, and what services they provide us. Our Subprocessors are all subject to contract terms that enforce compliance with applicable data protection laws, including but not limited to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Standard Contractual Clauses have been signed with all these vendors to allow for the legal transfer of personal data from European data subjects to the United States.

Subject to change

Our business needs may change from time to time. For example, we may deprecate a Subprocessor to consolidate and minimize our use of Subprocessors. Similarly, we may add a Subprocessor if we believe that doing so will enhance our ability to deliver our Services. We will always update this page to reflect additions and removals to our list of Subprocessors when they are added and removed. We will also notify our customers directly as required by any applicable privacy legislation of any such changes to our sub processors.

Recent changes

  • Sep-2022: Removed Fortrabbit - provider of cloud and hosting services from our sub-processors.

  • Apr-2023: Added Functional Software, Inc (Sentry) - provider of cloud-based application performance monitoring & error tracking

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