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Want To Start A Membership Website? Let’s Talk!

Are you finally realizing the potential of a membership website? Let’s talk!

It’s a lot easier than you think. You can take very simple steps to implement a paywall on your website and start increasing revenue through content subscription. You already have the content, it’s just a matter of picking the paywall type and strategy you want to implement.  

If you use a metered paywall, like the New York Times, you can restrict the number of free articles your readers can see. After the free trial period, your readers pay to access your content. Another type of paywall is the premium content paywall. This type allows you to restrict access to certain “premium” articles while giving them access to some free articles.  With the Premium content wall, there is a recurring monthly fee.

If you’ve been doing this for a while, then you know your readers have built a connection with you. Be confident that your loyal community of fans, will show you their support through subscribing to your blog and paying your small membership fee.

The best thing is, you have experts to help you get the ball rolling. So whether you choose a soft paywall or a hard paywall, you can use Pelcro to assist you in taking your subscription revenue to the next step.

Pelcro will give you a simple comprehensive, plug and play solution based on the plan you want to implement so you can get your membership site started!

Once you have selected your paywall plan it’s time to make the announcement to your loyal readers who will jump on the plan to support your writing. Don’t forget to let them know about all the benefits they will be getting as loyal subscribers!

The First Step In Getting Your Membership Website Setup!

Look into your existing content. What has been the top 10 most successful blog posts? Why? Was it the topic? Or pictures that you included? Maybe it was the style of writing!

By looking at the top blog posts, you know what your readers love to read about. Leverage your analysis and write a more detailed blog about that subject matter that has brought you so much success.

Your paying subscribers will see it, but casual readers will come across it and it’s up to you to real them in! One of the easiest ways to get a reader to subscribe is to show them a little teaser of your valuable content. The only way they can see the rest and get more is by subscribing.

Important Tip: Keep the valuable content flowing. If your members see value in your writing, they will be happy to subscribe to your membership website! 

Now let’s get started! 


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