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V1.42 Pelcro Update; Praising Pliny

Updated: Feb 3

“True glory consists in doing what deserves to be written; in writing what deserves to be read” – Pliny The Elder

At Pelcro, we always aspire for adaptability by design. That is to say, with every new release, we use your feedback to introduce and enhance features for a digital ecosystem that drives better business value. We’re certainly excited to share our Pelcro update with our latest and greatest release: v1.42 (Pliny).

Why Pliny?

Pliny the Elder, was a Roman author, philosopher, and naval commander. Most importantly, he wrote one of the greatest literary works of the classical era: the Natural History encyclopedia.

Pliny’s ability & perception to orderly assemble and correlate unrelated facts inspired us. He had the capability of recognizing details ignored by others, and linking them to data to provide engaging stories. This is why we chose the namesake behind this particular release; From little tweaks to the platform for optimizing your experience, to entire new integrations which you can tie-in with Pelcro. Most importantly, our platform update is here to please and ease.

Check out our full release notes right here for a full list of what’s included and their relevant docs. Meanwhile, let’s jump in to some of our favorite ones:

A Little Bit About The Pelcro Update:

  1. Firstly, Social login buttons are here! Our new Elements components will fast-track sign ups and eliminate the hassle of manual registration using existing social media information. That way, it doesn’t take too long for your visitors to sign up and login. The added benefits you can expect include:

  2. Putting an end to the headache of remembering passwords.

  3. Secondly, reducing the drop-off rates and increasing your conversions via a hassle-free checkout experience.

  4. Additionally, encouraging your customers to sign up quickly.

  5. Moreover, reducing your bounce rates and increasing your average site time.

  6. Furthermore, Paywalls now give you more content control! We did this based on the metatag entitlements that you can use to create and control product tiers on your site.

  7. That’s not all! We’re doubling down on performance and usability enhancements for our core API! We are providing you with control over the number of objects per page for more organized result-sets, and similarly, sorting and filtration to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

More and More Integrations!

  1. Pelcro now integrates with Pardot, the powerful marketing automation tool. As a result, you can now sync your contacts and subscriptions in real time with your Pardot lists. This boosts you with getting the most of your marketing and sales.

  2. Moreover, Pelcro now integrates with Zinio, which brings the ultimate digital reading experience on any device. Learn more right here.

Some Final Notes…

To sum up, we are constantly improving to give you the best service and user experience possible. Above all, we’re making sure you have the tools you need to manage your subscriptions, memberships, and eCommerce needs.

Get started with a free trial, and schedule a demo call with one of our experts. Find out today what Pelcro can add to your business.


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