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Update v.43: Protagoras Perfecting User Experience

Updated: Feb 3

Our Pelcro update is back again, and we have some surprises for you. At this point, improving our platform to provide the best experience for our clients has become an integral part of our process (and a way of life). We take our time to really understand your comments and reflect them on our platform. When it comes to usability, there are always many ways in which we can improve the experience for our clients. Ultimately, we simply believe that user experience isn’t based on what our platform can do, but rather what our platform can do for *YOU*.

Protagoras, this version’s namesake, is a philosopher that inspired the works of many key trail-blazers that came after him, such as Plato. Protagoras’ fame comes from his ability to question man’s purpose, his truth, and how man is the measure of all truth. He was regarded as the first professional sophist, building a legacy questioning topics many did not dare to address.

Building upon his essence, we believe that even the little tweaks here and there can make huge ripples of change in the overall usability of our platform with our Pelcro update. It stands true that we constantly work to provide a single source of truth for value creation.

What To Expect:

Platform Updates:

A huge update on our platform with this release is that now your subscribers can schedule gifts ahead of time. This is great if they have someone special in mind. Instead of stressing they can send them a subscription earlier on and they receive it the desired date. By simply scheduling the date your subscribers want the subscription gift to be sent and providing the email address, their gifting process is over!

  1. Did we mention that they can also customize a special message to be sent with the gift as well? That’s because, with Pelcro, you can customize more than just our payment gateways and modals.

You can also improve your data collection for the finance team. That’s right, for our enterprise clients, you can now export and download all the reports directly to your computer from our platform. Saving you endless amounts of time spent converting data manually into your databases. This is why you should give the enterprise subscription a try, your finance team might thank you for it.

It’s also important to note that we have new webhooks. We also ironed out any bugs and security issues to make sure that your time and usage of the platform are hassle-free and seamless. Feel free to head to our documentation page for more details.

Summing It Up

We constantly strive to ensure that our platform is catering to an evolving user experience. This is because we want to proactively satisfy (and exceed) your subscription management expectations. Client satisfaction is at the core of every update we release, so is making sure you have the right tools to manage your subscriptions, memberships, and eCommerce needs.Get started with a free trial, and schedule a demo call with one of our experts. Find out today what Pelcro can add to your business.


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