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Top 6 Duties in a Webmaster’s Job Description

Updated: Mar 16

Webmasters are important individuals who keep websites and companies afloat.

Sometimes webmasters are hired employees and other times they are contractors. They all have a similar goal, however, to maintain a website. They must also make sure it keeps succeeding. A webmaster’s job description is comprised of many duties.

Whether you’re a webmaster yourself, are looking to hire a webmaster, or are just curious, we here at Pelcro are going to help you.

Having a webmaster is important and necessary if a website is looking to scale its work and audience to a higher level. The webmaster must monitor the website and ensure that any problems are fixed. Each user or viewer must also be able to enjoy their experience online.

Depending on how large the company is that the webmaster is working under will decide on what duties they will need to accomplish. If you are wondering what are the top duties in a webmaster’s job description, look no further.

A webmaster's job description is comprised of many duties.

A webmaster’s job description is comprised of many duties. Source.

Top 6 Duties in a Webmaster’s Job Description:

Running a paywall:

A webmaster must be able to run a paywall and keep it maintained for a website. A webmasters job description must include that they monitor the traffic that enters a website and what activity they get up to.

The webmaster must also monitor what content the viewers consume the most, and what yields a higher click rate. Based on what the webmaster finds, they must optimize the site based on what brings the highest conversion and reduce bounce.

It is important that the webmaster also decides what is best for the website based on the data they collect and help optimize for both advertising and subscription revenue.

We at Pelcro believe that a soft paywall would work best. The webmaster’s job description must include that the webmaster monitors data regarding the paywall.

Testing across browsers:

Many problems can arise if a webmaster does not test the functionality and display of a website on different browsers.

This process is called cross-browser testing. It is important that the webmaster tests each browser for your website. The webmaster must also make notes on what versions they use to access the site. If any problems are found, the webmaster must ensure that the problems are resolved immediately.

Webmasters must also focus on deciding what older web browsers to skip. A webmaster can decide this by weighing up the traffic in which use the designated browser. They must also investigate what version of CSS and JavaScript is in use.

On Pelcro, our site is ensured to work with all modern browsers so that everyone can view the content that we supply.

Cross-testing browsers are one of the most important duties in a webmaster’s job description. Make sure that your site is operational in all modern browsers!

Testing across displays:

If a website is not optimised to work on every device or display, major problems can occur. Users may not be able to access content or even be able to access the site in extreme cases.

A site that does not look professional will not engage viewers and can cause rebound to occur. If a user is not able to view content, it is highly likely that they will discontinue accessing the site. This will affect subscriber numbers. This can also highly affect the paywall that you have established for your site.

A webmaster must ensure that modern devices can access your site. Multiple display resolutions must also be operational without any problems. An example of a problem may be that a phone is unable to see certain elements of the site whereas computer screens are able to.

The website must be optimised for many devices.

The website must be optimised for many devices and resolutions. Source.

Knowledgeable with HTML and other programming languages:

If you are a larger company, your webmaster may be employed or contracted to run the programming side of things for your site. However, it is important that all webmasters are at least proficient with the basic languages. If need be, the webmaster must sort any issues out with code.

Usually, in smaller companies or sites, the webmaster may just focus on ensuring that the website is running properly. The webmaster may also monitor traffic and collect data on occurrences. The webmaster will then report back to the website owner with any queries on how to proceed.

It is important however that as a webmaster, particularly as lots of webmaster’s job descriptions require it, that you practice and are knowledgeable about code.

Even if your current job or clientele do not require it, it can and will be necessary for the future.

Responding to user inquiries:

One of the more arduous tasks of being a webmaster including responding to all user inquiries. This can include being unable to access certain pages, to their browsers being unable to access the site at all and more.

Your job as a webmaster is to respond to any emails that the site, and you, get regarding any inquiries users have. Generally, the site will have a statement telling all users to email or contact the webmaster if they have any questions or inquiries.

More recently, webmaster’s can also be contacted via social media if the website permits it.

Responding to user inquiries is an important duty in a webmaster’s job description.

Webmaster's must respond to users enquiries.

Webmaster’s must respond to users enquiries. Source.

Creating the page layout:

Depending on how large the company you are working with is will decide on what role you play regarding the page layout. If the company is smaller, you may have to do both the page layout as well as the page design. Generally, in larger companies, the webmaster will only focus on one aspect and direct those working under them to do the other.

If you are working for a smaller company you will definitely need to know scripting languages. You must also know interface languages. As the webmaster for a smaller company, you need to do both the page layout as well as the page design.

Having a webmaster is pivotal for running a successful website. A webmaster is needed for smaller websites to ensure that it scales properly and succeeds. Webmasters are also needed for larger websites too.

The webmaster must focus on the page layout and at times the website design.

The webmaster must focus on the page layout and at times the website design.

If you are looking to keep your website succeeding or just need some advice, please contact us as we would love to help you succeed.

What do you believe is the most important duty in a webmaster’s job description? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!


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