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Pelcro and Atex Partnership: A Game-Changer for Media Companies

Updated: Jun 1

Pelcro, a leading subscription management platform, has announced a new partnership with Atex, a leading content management system provider. According to a recent report, the global subscription and billing management market is estimated to reach $10.5 billion by 2027, with the media and entertainment industry being a significant contributor.

Atex’s CMS is a powerful content management platform that enables digital publishers to create, manage, and distribute content across multiple channels. The collaboration will provide Atex’s clients with access to Pelcro’s state-of-the-art subscription management platform, enabling them to seamlessly monetize their digital content and improve the user experience.

Through the partnership, Atex’s clients will be able to leverage Pelcro’s subscription management platform seamlessly, with easy integration and streamlined implementation. The combination of Atex’s CMS and Pelcro’s subscription management platform will give digital publishers the tools they need to create engaging, revenue-generating content experiences.

The joint solution enables publishers to streamline their subscription management and content delivery processes, reducing errors, and eliminating manual processes. With this partnership, publishers can now focus on growing their businesses and delivering engaging content to their audiences.

The partnership between Pelcro and Atex comes at a time when publishers face significant challenges in keeping up with the fast-paced digital age and managing their subscription businesses, monetizing their digital content, and diversifying revenue streams. With this partnership, publishers can leverage the strengths of both companies and enhance their capabilities to deliver engaging digital content and improve the user experience.


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