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‘Saved and Followed’ Feature Elevating Your User Experience

Updated: Feb 3

When we think of online subscriptions or memberships, it’s easy to associate them with content/feature access. Of course, access to gated content or premium features is a great incentive to subscribe, but it’s not the only reason users choose to do so. A huge determining factor is the user experience. One that fosters engagement and loyalty by offering a personal, memorable experience, matters.

If you’re considering ways to do so or wondering how this can be achieved, you’re in luck. What if I told you there was a specific way to leverage this tactic to increase both conversions and retention rates?

Saved & Followed Feature

With Pelcro’s Saved & Followed feature, users can directly save all their favorite pieces of content, including articles, searches, events, videos, podcasts, contributors, authors, and much more, to their own personal, user dashboard. End users also have the option of removing or adding additional content with the simple click of a button.

Imagine locating a specific article without having to search through an entire site or check archives? Maintaining a list of all your favorite events in one place? Being able to track all your latest searches? Never missing content from your favorite authors or contributors? All conveniently accessible from your own personal, user dashboard? That’s exactly the kind of experience, the kind of exclusive perk, your users are looking for.

What This Means For The User Experience

Take a moment to consider your favorite coffee shop. Think about how you feel when you take a sip of your much-beloved, specially made drink. It’s most likely that this spot became your favorite for a reason, and you have a strong connection to it. You may be smiling right now, just thinking about the next time you’ll visit and order that same drink, right?

The ties that accompany these experiences usually guide us to do things we wouldn’t do otherwise. You may drive a little longer instead of visiting another coffee shop close by. Or maybe recommend the specific drink to all your friends. You may positively review the coffee shop on social media.

The same can happen when you create an unforgettable, ongoing experience for your users. Through your subscription or membership offers, you can delight and satisfy your customers in several convenient and personalized ways, and inspire loyalty in ways that mere access to content or features simply can’t.

Think of it this way; subscribers or members are already agreeing to give you their undivided attention on an ongoing basis – it’s up to you to take advantage of that.

Bottom Line

Pelcro’s Saved & Followed feature elevates the user experience and provides your users with a richer experience that makes them feel special. It’s a powerful way to draw in new subscribers or members while keeping your existing ones happy. This translates into increased conversions and improved retention rates. The truth is, nothing beats a strong base of loyal customers.

Making sure the end-user and our clients get the tools they need to manage their subscription, membership, and eCommerce needs. Get started with a free trial, and schedule a demo call with one of our experts.


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