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Pelcro Update v1.44 Plato – Building On The Greats.

Perfecting our platform is an integral part of the Pelcro process. We constantly strive to push the limits to provide a great user experience and functionality. We are aiming to enable your business to connect your audience, customers, partners, and systems in a way that is both pleasant and productive when using the platform. Our platform update aims to please and ease the subscription management operations for both you, as well as your subscribers.

Update v1.43 was centered around user experience. However, in this update, we’ve focused on the workflow of your website with our platform. We’re excited to unveil our latest and greatest release, rich with innovations that help you thrive in a technological world. So, without further ado, let’s introduce you to Pelcro update v1.44: Plato.

Why Plato?

Highly revered in history, Plato is considered to be the founder of western political philosophy. He is also an innovator of dialogue and dialect, building upon the philosophers that came before him. His most famous contribution is the theory of forms, which later became immortalized in his namesake. Plato based his work on finding a solution to universal problems. Years later his work stays intact and influential, which is what inspired this specific update and its features.

What To Expect In Pelcro Update V1.44?

So many things to look forward to, and we’ve listed the most prominent features. When creating improvements to the platform, we ask ourselves what would help grow and improve your interface. The three most important feature additions include;

Membership Upgrade and Downgrade:

Before Pelcro update v1.44 whenever a subscriber wanted to upgrade or downgrade their subscription they would have to cancel their subscription, then start a new subscription with the requested plan. Your subscribers can now switch directly between plans and all the data would be switched automatically on the backend. This saves the hassle for data collection and invoicing on your part, and maintains seamless backend processing.

Customize Coupons For E-Commerce:

Coupons are a great way to send out deals and offers. However, we recognize that sometimes organizing the details of the coupon to match the product can be a hassle. This is why we’ve enabled the option to allow toggling for coupon deals to affect not just the product, but all the corresponding SKUs available on the website.

Giving A Taste With Our Updated Metered Paywall:

Metered paywalls are a great way to entice people to subscribe to get access to content. However, we thought of a better way of integrating a metered paywall without simply blocking off the content. Enter plan entitlements, a simple change that makes all the difference. Instead of subscribers not having access to the content, they are given a small taste before the content blurs. Afterward, your good old paywall appears and prompts them to subscribe to the plans that have access to this specific content.

Before You Go…

That’s not all though, there are a lot more updates and improvements that we integrated into this update. From squashing some bugs to laying the groundwork for the following updates to come, all this information is available on our documentation in the changelog.

We want to ensure that you are getting the best service possible, focusing on only providing the best subscriptions, memberships, and eCommerce services. Schedule a demo call with one of our experts or get started with a free trial and find out today what Pelcro can add to your business.

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