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PELCRO UPDATE: Taking You Beyond With Integrated Software Solutions!

Updated: Feb 4

Introducing Galileo

Focused on adapting and evolving our minds, knowledge, and our integrative software. We at Pelcro believe that as things develop one important aspect of our work must always stay the same; quality. From our user-centered experience to our integrated software solutions. We know that it’s just as important to identify the right data-driven measures to determine guiding sensors. Aiming to create a constant stream of information to evolve our integrative features in Klaviyo, SendGrid, and Digital Insight. We create our work all while maintaining quality, great performance, and an flexible user experience as part of our mission.

Pelcro Update V. 1.41 Galileo

Based and inspired off of Galileo Galilei, a philosopher, astronomer, mathematician, and so much more. We are creating cutting-edge, user-friendly adaptations to the current platform. Aiming to revolutionize the SaaS experience one update at a time. We do this by providing a unique and accessible user experience that can be built on and tailored for years and updates to come.

What’s New?

  1. Firstly, you can set up limited time plans for your customers. You can also automatically cancel all subscriptions connected with the plans, once the plan expiry date is reached.

  2. eCommerce orders for all of your consumers are now available on the Customer view.

  3. eCommerce orders exports now include additional information to help you with tracking and reporting your purchased products.

  4. We’re introducing our new integration with SendGrid, the email service trusted by developers and marketers for time-savings, scalability, and delivery expertise. You can now sync your Pelcro newsletters into SendGrid contacts and lists, as part of our integrated software solutions.

Hold On, There’s More!

  1. We strongly believe that to really do something well, you have to leverage the power of people. That’s why as of this release, we’re open-sourcing our Pelcro elements codebase to provide you with the flexibility and agility to do more.

  2. We also tried to come up with a byte-sized log for our bugs. Then again we’ve squashed too many to count.

  3. We’ve completely reworked our Pelcro elements documentation as a handy resource to navigate around our new codebase.

Finishing It Off

  1. Our Klaviyo integration now has a newsletter integration which syncs with the Pelcro newsletters. This provides you with the ability to sync your Pelcro newsletters with your Klaviyo contacts and lists.

  2. Also our Dialog Insight integration information will now contain both charge and address data, which can be synced into the databases. Adding two new webhooks for successful charges and subscription renewals for any needed email triggers within the integration.

  3. List exports now include the price of the subscriptions. This is to help you filter all subscriptions by their price for reporting and tracking purposes.

  4. Invoice exports now include all of your customer’s first and last name for billing reports.

  5. Our Analytics module now has two new reports to support you with more insight: Subscription by payment type and Cancelled/Expired Subscriptions.

Some Final Thoughts

To sum up, we’re always doing our best to keep the quality and ease of control offered with Pelcro. All while providing new and unique software updates such as our integrated software solutions. Making sure our clients get the tools they need to manage their subscription, membership, and eCommerce needs.

Get started with a free trial, and schedule a demo call with one of our experts. Find out today what Pelcro can add to your business.


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