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Pelcro Update: Introducing v1.38 (Hypatia)

At Pelcro, we’re always improving and updating our systems. Consequently, this allows us to continue providing our clients with tools and systems that add real value to both them and their users. Therefore, we are introducing Pelcro’s newest update, v1.38 (Hypatia).

This new release introduces an improved user interface that provides a better experience upon registration. For example, we’re also adding lots of improvements to the address functionality in the platform. This includes new export lists, enhancements to security management, and as usual, other goodies.

What is Pelcro?

Pelcro is a subscription and membership management software that provides all of the tools and insight necessary to drive subscriptions, memberships, donations, and much more. As you can see, Pelcro is a one-stop-shop to help companies drive their recurring revenue.

Pelcro’s Newest Update v1.38 (Hypatia)

Pelcro’s newest update v1.38 is named after Hypatia, a progressive thinker and an inspiring philosopher who chose to be a leader in her time. In Ancient Rome, Hypatia has elevated her profile to become a renowned scholar and political advisor to the city’s leaders. A mathematician and an astronomer, she was the earliest female mathematician whose life and work reasonably detailed knowledge exists.

This update is based on her aspirations to push the boundaries of creativity and offer new, exciting solutions that cater to your needs.

Main Features:

Improved User Interface

As we try to make the user experience better and quicker for the customers, here are some major improvements for this version:

  1. The password change modal window will no longer show the “Close” button on Paywall mode.

  2. We fixed behavior relating to the Phone & Email form fields not accepting edits under the “Customer” view.

  3. Adjusted any behavior for the State selection dropdown menu not loading properly on all relevant views.

  4. We also fixed the Total Price not being shown on the confirmation modal window Ecommerce one-click purchase buttons.

Customer Addresses Are Now More Efficient Than Ever

Moreover, we added lots of improvements to the address functionality in the platform. Just to name a few:

  1. You will now be able to view and set default shipping and billing addresses for your customers.

  2. We improved the addresses displayed in the invoice view.

  3. Disabled modifying the shipping address region or country if the subscription is associated with a subscription with taxes.

  4. We removed the shipping address from the PDF invoice to avoid confusion.

Enhanced Customer Export

  1. We have optimized fulfillment and list views for faster performance.

  2. Added, plan.nickname, subscription.source to the payment export.

  3. Added the shipping’s company, title, and department to the shipping list export.

  4. You can now export the billing address within the customer export.

SDK Additions and Changes

  1. Furthermore, you can now trigger or customize a reaction when an order is created via the newly added JS Event PelcroOrderCreate.

  2. We have added a new function [window.Pelcro.user.get()] to retrieve the user information.

  3. We have added a new function [] to retrieve all e-commerce orders to the user object.

Tighter Security Measures

  1. We have added form validations to the phone fields within the customer view to prevent misuse.

  2. You will have to log in again upon a password change. This provides you with better assurance for password management.

Additional Tweaks and Updates:

  1. Firstly, you can now access all details related to the customer metadata directly from the Customer view.

  2. Secondly, you now have the ability to cancel Agency subscriptions directly from the subscription view.

  3. Also, we are returning all e-commerce products regardless of the user’s country or currency.

  4. Finally, the Klaviyo integration can now initiate password reset tokens.

Food for Thought

We’re always doing our best to push the boundaries and make sure our clients get the tools they need to manage their subscription, membership, and eCommerce needs.

The key to a flexible and versatile platform is its ability to meet our clients’ needs, and no one knows that better than we do. Pelcro is a one-stop shop to help your company manage its eCommerce platform and drive its recurring revenue.

Get started with a free trial, or schedule a demo call with one of our experts and find out what Pelcro’s platform can add to your business.


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