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Pelcro Streamlines Interface, Boosts Invoicing, and Enhances Integrations!

pelcro product update automations


🟢 Pelcro is streamlining its interface! The "Operations" section is now named "Automations" to better reflect its focus on managing automated campaigns and fulfillment processes. Don't worry, everything you rely on is still there - campaign and fulfillment tools remain within "Automations." This is simply a terminology update, so no further action is needed from you.

Pelcro product update automations

🟢 This update introduces the ability to export members associated with a specific membership subscription. An "Export" button is added to the membership details view, mirroring the functionality of existing export buttons within the subscription view. Upon export request, a CSV file containing member data is sent to the collaborator's email address. This will enhance the ability to target any segmentation or operational efforts for specific subsets of your audience.

Pelcro product update members list

🟢 Now, the main customer phone number will be displayed directly in the "Contact Info" summary on the right panel within Customer Details. This means you'll have easier access to key contact information, saving you valuable time when working with customers.

pelcro product update subscriptions profiles

🟢 We're excited to announce new enhancements to Pelcro Standalone Invoices, giving you more control and streamlining your invoicing workflow.

  • Effortless invoice creation: Easily add, edit, and remove invoice line items, ensuring your invoices always reflect the latest details.

  • Clear and organized: View and manage your invoice line items in a clear and organized way, with automatic calculations for subtotals, taxes, and invoice totals.

  • Greater flexibility: Specify invoice dates and due dates to keep your clients informed and on track.

  • Customize your invoices: Add custom notes and set taxes directly on each invoice line item for more accurate and detailed billing.

These improvements empower you to create invoices that are tailored to your specific needs, saving you time and ensuring your invoices are always accurate and professional.

pelcro product update invoice details


🟢 The Pelcro-Klaviyo integration just got a boost! We've successfully migrated to Klaviyo's new APIs, ensuring your existing workflows keep running smoothly. This update not only guarantees uninterrupted service but also opens doors to leverage Klaviyo's latest features for even more powerful marketing automation.

Additionally, you can now send timely invoice reminders to your customers. Pelcro will automatically sync upcoming invoice details invoice.upcoming, including amount due, due date, and more, as custom Klaviyo events. This allows for targeted email campaigns and ensures your customers stay informed about upcoming payments.


🟢 This update expands the capabilities of the Core API for managing membership users. This functionality enhances flexibility for managing membership users through the Core API.

🟢 This update introduces a new endpoint on the Core API's membership resource to mimic the functionality of the Open API's corresponding endpoint for IP Authorization. This feature caters to customers who require server-side control over user access based on IP addresses.

🟢 The Open API Geo endpoint now leverages a distributed caching system on edge locations. You should notice significant performance improvements for both the data transfer rate and average response time for requests on this endpoint.

🟢 We've made improvements to the Pelcro Open API to simplify your development process! Previously, specifying the user's language was mandatory for certain actions. Now, the API can automatically detect the preferred language, eliminating the need for you to include this information in every request.

  • The Language attribute is now optional for the following endpoints:

  • Customer register

  • Address create

  • Address update

  • Gift subscription redeem

  • Subscription renew

  • Automatic language detection: The API now leverages a priority-based logic to automatically detect the user's preferred language:

  • Accept-Language header: The API inspects the Accept-Language header sent by the client to identify the preferred language.

  • IP geolocation: If the Accept-Language header is missing, the API uses the user's IP address (retrieved from Cloudflare) to infer the predominant language based on a built-in library.

  • Fallback language: If both methods fail to determine the language, the API defaults to English.

🔴 Pelcro's Insights API is has reached its end-of-life and will be retired in May 2024. This means applications that rely on it will no longer function after that date. Unfortunately, there will be no replacement API offered at this time. We understand this may cause inconvenience and apologize for any disruption to your workflow. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.


🟢 We've introduced an enhancement to our webhook logs search and filtering capabilities. This update streamlines log investigations and helps you resolve webhook-related issues faster.

Key Enhancements:

  • Target Specific Webhooks: Filter logs by individual webhook endpoint URLs for focused investigation.

  • Multi-Select Event Types: Narrow down relevant logs by selecting multiple event types simultaneously.

  • Precise Date Range: Focus your search on logs created within a specific date range for efficient troubleshooting.

  • Advanced Search: Perform comprehensive full-text searches within the request payload data to identify issues quicker.

Pelcro product update webhooks logs


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