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Pelcro Release v1.48 (Knight)

There are many data sets in the world, but not every data set is complete. Pelcro’s latest release, V1.48 pertains to the back-end, is purely API-driven. It is also a direct result of improving the information architecture. With this release, we’re laying the foundation for a more user-friendly process of data collection. One that will be so much more than just an API, and builds further to support upcoming projects and collaborations. The Pelcro team is excited about this release because it explores analytic aesthetics from a back-end perspective, which was the philosophy of our namesake, Helen Knight.

Who Is Helen Knight

Once Knight became a member of the Aristotelian Society in 1922, Knight served on its Executive Committee for several terms. Occasionally, she would publish papers on aesthetics at Cambridge, relating to topics about the mind and philosophy, among others. Reflecting on her professional life, she addressed the Aristotelian Society talking about the Women’s Graduate Club in Cambridge. Judging by the caliber of co-presenters, discussants, and commentators of her papers at various meetings and conferences, her work was admired and revered in her field.

Pelcro Release Updates

  1. “Quick” Renew Subscriptions: In the Pelcro platform, you will now be able to “quick” renew subscriptions. This is instead of needing to resubmit your information relating to the subscription. You can now keep all of your user data and card details at your fingertips and ready to renew. All fields on the renew subscription screen will only be awaiting confirmation for payment method and confirming the renewal.

  2. Email Verification: An Improved security and user safety feature to prevent identity misuse and spam. To explain further, each sign-up triggers a verification email and after receiving the email, users can complete the sign-up process safely. 

  3. Trial Period – API Addition: This addition allows you to have full control over trial periods using the API, just as you would in the platform. 

By focusing on enhancing features that improve usability for the end-user and business alike, we aim to create a product that is truly a pleasure to use. To understand more of the platform and get up to speed with what’s available, head to Pelcro docs. In addition, you can get started with a free trial today or schedule a demo call with an expert. Find out what Pelcro can do for your business today.


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