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New Release: Diversify Your Revenue Stream with a Dynamic Paywall SDK for iOS and Android

Ready to deliver the best subscription experience to your mobile app?

Today, Pelcro’s thrilled to announce a dynamic paywall software development kit for both iOS and Android. Offering subscriptions where audiences consume content the most – their mobile phones – is as simple as incorporating functions from our READ.ME file into your native app. 

In total, set up takes less than a day. 

Why mobile matters for subscription-driven media brands:

  1. Younger millennials (18 to 24) spend 66 percent of their digital media time using mobile apps

  2. Millennials (18 to 34) make 62% of their mobile purchases through a mobile app

  3. 9 out of 10 millennials own a smartphone

  4. 40% of millennials report paying for news content

  5. Older generations are mirroring the mobile usage habits of millennials

  6. Consumers are eager for – and willing to pay for – trusted, reliable news sources

Mobile apps beat mobile websites for engagement and purchases

Most brands know a mobile strategy is important. What may come as a surprise is that a mobile strategy based on a mobile site alone, but no app, just isn’t enough. 

Image: Over 90% of millennials own a smartphone and 62% make mobile purchases via an app (Pexels)

Image: Over 90% of millennials own a smartphone and 62% make mobile purchases via an app (Pexels)

Today, news follows young people as much as young people follow news thanks to smartphones and social media. A whopping 9 out of 10 millennials own a smartphone. And since today’s millennials are highly educated and critical of news sources, they’re actively seeking trusted, reliable sources to stay up to date. 

One study found that 40 percent of millennials (ages 18 to 34) personally paid for news content while 53 percent engaged with paid media services provided by others.

In other words: young people are selective about their media and they’re happy to pay for great content.

What’s interesting is that focusing on a strong mobile strategy doesn’t narrow your audience to a youth audience. Older demographics are mirroring the mobile habits of millennials. According to Deloitte, mobile usage in the 55 and older age bracket has experienced the strongest growth, proving that a convenient experience transcends age groups. 

The bottom line: If you offer great content, you need a mobile app to offer a seamless reader experience. And if you’ve already invested money into a beautifully designed native app, then a properly integrated paywall is a must.

Your native app needs a strong subscription experience to generate ROI

For many brands, a native mobile app is already part of their digital media suite. But in many cases, these apps don’t include an integrated paywall for interested customers. 

That’s a lost opportunity. 

A mobile app developed by an expert agency can cost upwards of $100,000. Integrating a dynamic paywall into your app is a natural extension of that investment. 

In other words, if you’re going to do something, it’s worth doing right. A media company’s native app calls for a unified subscription experience that generates a meaningful return on investment.

Image: The first steps of setting up Pelcro on your Android application (Android READ.ME)

Image: The first steps of setting up Pelcro on your Android application (Android READ.ME)

Understandably, your developers may be hesitant to peek under the hood of your mobile app. Mobile applications can be just as  – if not more – complex than their desktop counterparts. The Pelcro SDK makes it easier for customers to integrate and manage Pelcro on their native mobile apps, just as they do on their desktop websites. 

With the SDK, developers can easily copy and paste functions and code from the READ.ME file and add it to their mobile application for a seamless set up.

Take your media business mobile with Pelcro’s iOS and Android SDK

Your media business delivers an invaluable service: content that explains, engages, and informs whether it’s on local issues, lifestyle topics, or global affairs. Bring our enhanced subscription experience to your app and optimize your mobile revenue by reaching readers where they spend the most time.

Ready to diversify your subscriber revenue stream? Book a demo with a member of our team today.


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