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Introducing Pelcro React Elements

Updated: Feb 3

Just in time for another Tech Talk, we are here to talk about all things Pelcro React Elements. Starting off slow and building up the information, and the code. We are taking you through a deep-dive through our Pelcro React Elements, which integrates with our JS-SDK. This makes it easier for you to use all the different features we provide, in the react application. Working with many clients around the world, we built the elements based on a collective experience designed for combating user errors and optimizing your conversions.

A Little More In Depth

Our elements are not bound by the laws of nature, in fact, they are completely customizable. Giving you the opportunity to change the look and feel to match your website as you please. There is also a variety of different types for you to execute a plethora of commands by using them with a variety of APIs as well. From using our batteries-included ‘modals’ or our ‘containers’ if you’re seeking the ultimate customized experience. The world of Pelcro Elements is a world of variant possibilities all with the simple touch of some short-code, but before we get into all that let’s get started with the basics.

Let’s Get Started…

To Sum It Up

As you can see, it’s quite simple and straightforward when it comes to setting up the Pelcro react element. We recommend using Yarn to follow the tutorial with the most ease and convenience, but really use whatever you are comfortable with. As previously stated the Pelcro Modals are an important part of the process to take into account. However, no need to worry about that now, we’ll walk you through it in our next video. Also, if you find yourself having trouble setting up an account, check out our Pelcro Plain and Simple Series for a walk through.

Constantly aiming to help both the user, the client and the developer. We take everyone’s needs into account when it comes to perfecting our platform. See for yourself head to our website or get started with a free trial. Also, why not schedule a demo call with one of our experts.


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