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How to Setup Your Paywall on WordPress?

Updated: Jan 29

We understand how overwhelming it can be when thinking about setting up a paywall on your website. And in some cases, the complexity of the integration process may steer some away from deploying paywalls because of how daunting the process may seem. However, in this blog, we will demonstrate just how easy the integration process can be when implementing paywalls on your WordPress site

Set Up Your Paywall in Under Three Minutes

Believe it or not, you can set up a paywall and integrate your WordPress site with a subscription management platform in under three minutes. And no, you do not need to have any coding experience or come from a developing background to do so.

Full Integration in Six Simple Steps:

Step 1: Open Up Your 3 Tabs

You’ll be required to open up three different tabs on your computer:

  1. Your website

  2. Your website’s backend via WordPress

  3. The Pelcro dashboard

Your Website

Your Backend

The Pelcro Dashboard

Step 2: Find “Settings”

Go to the Pelcro dashboard and click on settings (You’ll find it in the bottom left corner).

Step 3: Copy The Script

Then you’ll need to click on “Integrations” you’ll find it below “Site Settings.” Once you’re there, you’ll need to simply copy (CTRL+C) the script in front of you.

Simply copy the script in the box below.

Step 4: WordPress

Head to WordPress and click “Pages,” then choose whichever page on your website you want to add the script.

You’ll then be presented with an option that says, “insert script to <head>.” Proceed ahead and paste your script in the designated section and hit update.

Step 5: Add Buttons

You’ll want to add your “Subscribe Now” and “Login” buttons. But, before you do that, look for “Screen Options” on the top right corner of your WordPress page, and make sure that “CSS Classes” are enabled.

Once all of that is done, scroll down and find “Custom Links” this is where you’ll add the URL you want your users to be directed to along with the link text. Once you hit “add to menu,” the subscribe button will appear!

Also, don’t forget to fill in the “CSS Class,” which can be found in the same script you copied earlier.

PS: This step needs to be done once for the “Subscribe Now” button and another time for the “Login” button (the same steps are repeated twice).

Step 6: Save, Refresh, and Voila!

Refresh your website, and just like that, you have managed to fully integrate your website with Pelcro in just under three minutes using six simple steps.

How Can Pelcro Help With Paywalls?

If you are looking for ways to implement a customizable paywall, look no further. Here at Pelcro, we aim to make your journey to a profitable subscription business seamless. To learn more about Pelcro, Book a Demo with one of our representatives for an exclusive one-on-one product tour, or get started with your free trial right away and see for yourself.


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