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How To Monetize Your Blog Without Ads

As a blogger, you’re doing everything you can to monetize your website to increase traffic. The more traditional way of making revenue is by setting up ads on your blog, which is awesome. However, there are definitely more ways to bring a bigger cheque home!

Time to take it to the next step and explore other ways that you can monetize your blog! By bringing more traffic to your website, you’re making more money off of your awesome content. Below you learn about some ways to monetize your blog and make money online, without ads.

Here are some ways to monetize and take your website to the next level:

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most popular ways bloggers make money is by endorsing products. If you are an advocate of a product, you can work with the company, to receive a special link or code and include it on your blog. Every time one of your readers uses that code to buy that product, you get a commission. Many beauty bloggers use their platform to sell makeup, skincare, and hair products.

Pros: You are providing your readers with awesome products (at a discounted price sometimes) and introducing them to products that they wouldn’t have tried.

Cons: You have to be careful with what you endorse because if you endorse a couple of products that your community doesn’t like, it can backfire.


Let’s say you’ve been blogging for years, and you’re looking to crank it up a notch. If a topic cannot be covered in a couple of blog posts, it’s time to write a book!  You can reward your subscribers by giving them that book as a complimentary add-on. Another way to make extra revenue is using the platform to promote and sell the book.

Pros: If the e-book is written well, it can elevate your status as a writer and make you more professional and reliable. If marketed properly, the E-book can bring attention to you as a blogger/writer.

Cons: Writing an E-book requires more research and is harder than writing a couple of blog posts.

Subscribe For Value

If you’re an expert in your field, and you have a loyal community of followers who are consistently benefiting from your content, they will support you by contributing a small monthly fee to access that content. You can now set up a paywall, in which your readers get exclusive content by becoming members.

By having subscribers, you also get a steady revenue stream allowing you to continue to produce amazing content. Furthermore, these subscribers can get the benefits of constantly notified whenever you have new content posted. There are so variations of subscription revenue. First, you can lock only part of your content for paying subscribers to make it more exclusive. Second, can allow your readers to have a certain number of free visits, and once they see value in your content, you implement a paywall. Third, you can is allow readers to access only have the article, and to read the rest, they must become subscribers.

Pros: A recurring stream of revenue, a sense of community where you are in tune with your subscribers, and what they love to read.

Cons: You constantly provide your subscribers with exclusive content. You have valuable content that your readers cannot find anywhere else.

Ads, Ads, Ads

Continue to host ads on your website; like we said any revenue stream will be helpful. You can choose the ads to approve, what type of products to include and where to place these ads on your website.

Pros: It’s an easy source of income because all you’re doing is approving the ads and their location on our website.

Cons: Subscribers/ Readers can find ads annoying and they can make your webpage look messy. If you’re not careful about the ads you approve, the presence of controversial ads can turn your visitors away. 

The Best Way To Monetize

Remember that the most successfully monetized websites are the ones who use a combination of all of these methods. To maximize revenue and appeal to all audiences it is important to explore every option. In conclusion, every revenue stream counts when you’re trying to build an empire. Whether it’s through Subscription Revenue. Over time, you can analyze what works best for you and focus more on it.


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