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How to Make Money Blogging with Premium Content

You start by realizing you have a passion, a love of cars, or movies, makeup, or technology. You realize that you are an influencer in your community and that people give you a call whenever they are struggling in your ‘area of expertise.’ We’re here to help you follow your passion and make money blogging.

John goes to buy a car and you’re the first person he calls so you can both visit the dealership together because you’re the only one who can help him ask all the right questions to make sure that Bob, the sneaky salesman won’t try to take advantage of him.

You’ve always been a good writer and your friends have been telling you for years that you should be blogging. Let’s face it though, with everything you have on your plate, and your 50-hour work week, the idea of committing to consistently writing for your blog just seems like a chore with no return. The joy of writing is definitely great, but it sucks that you can’t make enough money to do it for a living…or can you?

Let’s help YOU be the best blogger, quit the job you’ve been miserable at for years, and finally do what you love, and… *drum roll* make money blogging!

What you need to become the BEST blogger out there:

You Need Consistency

Writing once every two months won’t be enough. You have to keep your writers hooked to your website and consistently reading new, interesting content.

You Must Have Value Added Content

Your readers are coming to YOUR website because you’re giving them information nobody else can give them or you’re presenting it in a way that nobody else can. Think about this….what makes you unique? Why would they go to your website and not any other website that writes about the same topic? If people are calling you left and right for advice, you have that value, you just need to put it into writing.

How To Make Money Blogging

Turn That Value Added Content into $$$ (aka Subscription Revenue) Using a Paywall!

Before everything was just one click away, we used to go to magazine stands.  We would gladly pay a few dollars to buy our favorite magazines because we knew we couldn’t get the good stuff in there anywhere else. BE THAT MAGAZINE. The fact is, if readers enjoy your content, they will pay to have access to it.

Most people make revenue through ads, and that’s awesome! But let’s assume you had a REALLY good job that you want to leave to become a full-time blogger; we’re talking monthly bonuses and company car, and the revenue you’re making from the ads aren’t enough. That’s where content paywalls come in place.

You have all these awesome articles, tips, and tricks; and all your loyal readers need to do is pay a small monthly/yearly fee to continue to access your content. By paying that small fee your readers are giving you a steady revenue stream. Having that steady income allows you to continue to devote all your efforts into writing.

Content Paywalls allow you to do what you love with a consistent revenue stream. In addition, it gives your subscribers exclusive content, while securing you a community of readers.

Fun Fact: The revenue from a paywall subscriber is 30 times more profitable than a casual reader (viewing ads) on your website.


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