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Digital Subscription: How Our Payment Platform Works

Updated: Mar 10

Publishers are now quite aware of the importance of generating consistent reader revenue, and the way a payment platform gets them there.

After creating a subscription model and building your membership ranks, it’s time to harvest what you’ve spent so much time and effort to plan.

Enter Pelcro from stage left.

Pelcro’s payment platform provides you with a fully-equipped digital subscription platform. It has enormous capabilities spanning dynamic paywalls, CRM, shipping, and analytics, in addition to —of course— its payment system.  

Alright, that sounds great. However, you may be wondering what that entails exactly. We’ve got you. Here’s what our payment system can do for you.

A Payment Platform For All Types of Payments

The highest priority of a payment platform is meeting your paying customers where they are, specifically in terms of payment methods.

Pelcro’s payment platform accepts a variety of payment methods, from the cutting-edge of Fintech to offline payments. We accept credit card payments, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Moreover, we also accept crypto-payment like Bitcoin, as well as micropayments.

Furthermore, there are rare markets where microtransactions are unavailable. In this case, we can batch together multiple transactions from the same customer and submit them as a single, larger charge.

Are your readers more comfortable with offline payments? No problem, we got that covered, too. From mailed checks to cash, Pelcro’s platform comes with sophisticated accounting features that integrate your offline payments with your online ones all in one place. 

Availability of Flexible Plans and Billing

It’s all good to have a flexible API for your developers. However, giving that same power or flexibility to your marketing team (as well as other non-developer teams) can truly make your platform operate on a whole different level. 

Pelcro’s payment system gives your teams the power to customize customer plans at a click of a button.

Moreover, they can also create free trials with ease, in addition to controlling the trials’ activation and time periods. Furthermore, they can easily build coupon codes, as well as prorated refunds.

Besides, we provide billing intervals that are customizable to your liking. For instance, other than the traditional monthly/yearly subscription options give to your readers, you can also offer them weekly, bi-weekly, or even two-year subscriptions. 

In the case of two-years subscriptions, The New Yorker and other publishers have been using longer-than-usual subscription options to secure their cash flow years in advance.

Power to the Reader

The flexibility isn’t limited to your side of the equation, but it transfers to your readers’ as well. 

For example, a reader can access their own invoices, receipts, as well as get messages in advance telling them to update their billing information. 

The ability to communicate with your reader in an automated away creates a cohesive platform where all the data is accessible and correlated to each other.

It keeps your readers aware of what’s coming up by sending notices via email detailing what needs to be done.

Auto-Renewals in Full-Capacity

There is no hiding the enormous impact of auto-renewals on publishers’ renewal rates, as such, their reader revenue. The truth of the matter is that renewal rates increase by 87 percent when publishers offer an auto-renewal option.

Unfortunately, the majority of platforms in the market either don’t have the auto option in the first place, or they can only allow your team to renew subscriptions manually when asked by your readers.

Pelcro, on the other hand, gives you the gift of automatic renewals.

Your readers can now set their subscription to auto-renew, therefore avoiding the inevitable email-bombing of your customer service personnel to renew their subscriptions.

Futuristic Payment Options

Due to the flexible nature of Pelcro’s payment platform, it can be easily adjusted to meet the future financial needs of your clients.

For instance, there is a rise in advanced forms of payments. These are payment setups that are tailored to specific readers. An example would be a reader paying $10 upfront, and the remainder of their subscription fee in ‘installments.’

Stripe’s subscription schedule allows you to create and manage the lifecycle of a subscription by predefining expected changes.

Pelcro With Stripe: Where the Magic Happens

From a subscription-based publisher to an on-demand marketplace, if you want your platform to flourish, you’ll need a solid API as its foundation.

Stripe has proven to have one of the most powerful and flexible APIs in the market. It enables hundreds of integrations with other applications as well.

In addition, Stripe’s API doesn’t need a whole team of developers to set up and install. Thus, even if you’re not a professional coder, you can set up the API and have it running in no time at all.

Payment Gateway: Unlocked

We understand that nothing can rankle more than having a great product, yet failing to retain subscribers due to the inefficiency of the payment platform.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Digital subscription platforms can’t survive in our competitive market without an impeccable payment system at its core.

Now that you know all about how a great payment system works and its benefits, make sure to schedule a demo with our team. We’d love to show you what a tailored subscription platform can bring to your business.


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