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Design Your Invoice From Scratch With Release v1.53

Updated: Jan 22

Building on the ideologies of analytic philosophy, we aimed to show logic and structure not by language but by action. We recognize that logical thought has to be shown rather than stated, and, even though there are some languages and methods of symbolism structure that convey that, communicating through action visualization brings it to another level. In this Pelcro release, we focused on creating logical workflows that ease the platform’s usage and alleviate confusion for your business. So without further ado, let’s dive into v1.53.

Invoice and Receipt PDF Builder

As you may have guessed from the name, we are now implementing an Invoice and Receipt builder from the platform that enables you to directly export your invoices into a PDF. You would be able to control how the PDF would look, influencing elements such as branding, header, footer, logo, and so on. 

Handling Disputed Refunds

If you use Vantiv as your payment gateway and want to keep a record of a disputed payment refund on your refunds list, make sure to select the “Credit Card Chargeback” option when refunding the payment. This maintains a record of the refund on the books, without actually refunding the credit card (In case the refund was issued to the credit card directly through the bank).

Mailchimp Integration Membership Enhancements

As a Mailchimp user, you can now see more than just your subscribers on a customer record in MailChimp, we also introduced members. This allows you to view both members and subscribers from your Mailchimp account.

View Memberships From Frontend

The user dashboard shows you the subscriptions and plans you are currently subscribed to, well, now it does that with memberships as well! You can see all your memberships alongside your subscriptions from the user dashboard.

Setting Shipments Suspension from Frontend

We have introduced the ability to suspend shipments from the Frontend side. This is a great feature enhancement because prior to that, it required users to contact the company and have them do it manually. However, now your user can log in and suspend shipments on a subscription to a specific date.

Change Default Billing Address

In situations where you need to change your address, you have the option to select one of your existing addresses to be updated as your default shipping or billing address. You also have the option to create a new one right from the dashboard. You’ll also see notations under your addresses sections of the address type and whether it’s the default one or not.

Learn More About Pelcro’s Features

Optimization and efficiency are crucial to our updates, always aiming to provide a better experience for our customers and their customers. If you are looking for ways to improve how you manage your subscriptions and memberships, schedule a demo call or get started with a free trial today!

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