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Boost Subscriber Lifetime Value (LTV) with Pelcro and Mather

boost subscriber life time value with pelcro and mather

In the competitive world of publishing, subscriber churn is a constant threat. Keeping readers engaged and satisfied over the long term is crucial for any publication's success. But what if you could leverage data science to personalize your subscription offerings and prevent churn before it happens?

The Power of Pelcro and Mather Integration

Pelcro, a leading subscription management platform, has joined forces with Mather Economics, a data analytics powerhouse, to introduce a game-changing solution: Market Based Pricing (MBP). This innovative approach utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze your subscriber data and generate tailored pricing plans for each individual. The result? A significant reduction in churn and a boost in subscriber lifetime value.

Benefits for Publishers
  • Personalized Pricing: No more one-size-fits-all plans. MBP ensures you offer the perfect price point for each subscriber, fostering satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Reduced Churn: Stop frustrating readers with mismatched pricing. MBP helps you identify subscribers at risk of cancelling and develop targeted renewal offers to keep them engaged.

  • Automated Workflows: Streamline your renewal process with automation. MBP integrates seamlessly with Pelcro's workflows, allowing you to set up automated campaigns based on data-driven insights.

  • Future-Proof Flexibility: The MBP framework is built to scale. As you explore new data sources, the system can integrate them to continuously refine your pricing strategies.

Getting Started with MBP

The Pelcro-Mather integration introduces a new attribute called "recommended_plan_id." This attribute unlocks powerful segmentation and campaign capabilities:

  • Targeted Segments: Segment your subscriber base according to renewal rates, upgrade potential, and more using Pelcro's intuitive segment builder.

  • Automated Campaigns: Trigger automated promotions and renewal campaigns based on MBP recommendations, eliminating manual intervention.

How MBP Works for Publishers

  • Provide historical and ongoing customer data (subscriptions, purchases, etc.) to Mather through .csv files.

  • Mather's algorithms analyze the data and generate suggested pricing plans/price points tailored to each subscriber.

  • Pelcro receives the recommendations and assigns them to the corresponding subscriptions through the "recommended_plan_id" attribute.

  • Segment subscribers based on recommended plans and create targeted groups for specific campaigns.

  • Automate your renewal process using Pelcro's campaigns to promote specific pricing plans or schedule renewals at optimal points.

Putting MBP into Action

Once Mather analyzes your data, you can leverage Pelcro's Core API to integrate the recommended pricing plans. Here's a simplified breakdown:

  • Obtain Pricing Data: Mather will provide a .csv file containing recommendations or specific price points.

  • API Call Preparation: Prepare an API call to update Pelcro subscriptions with the recommended plan IDs.

  • API Call Execution: Execute the API call using your preferred programming language.

  • Data Integration: Upon successful execution, Pelcro will update your subscriptions with the recommended pricing plans.

Targeting the Right Readers with MBP Segmentation

The "recommended_plan_id" attribute empowers you to create highly targeted subscriber segments using Pelcro's segment builder. Here's how:

  • Access the Segment Builder and utilize the "Recommended pricing plan name" filter to add criteria.

  • Define your targeting by selecting specific recommended plans.

  • Segment Preview: Get a real-time count of subscribers who meet your criteria using the segment preview option.

  • Save and Apply: Refine your segment criteria and assign a descriptive name before saving the segment for future campaigns.

MBP Targeted Campaigns for Publishers

The powerful combination of MBP-generated segments and Pelcro's campaign builder allows you to create laser-focused promotional and renewal campaigns. Here's a breakdown:

  • Utilize Existing Segments: After creating segments based on recommended pricing, navigate to the Pelcro "Campaigns" section.

  • Campaign Type Selection: Choose the appropriate campaign type based on your goals (e.g., promotional campaigns for upgrades, renewal campaigns for at-risk subscribers).

  • Target Audience Selection: Select the relevant segments you created to ensure your campaign reaches only the identified subscribers.

  • Compelling Content and Scheduling: Craft engaging email content or personalize messages based on subscriber data. Schedule the campaign launch and utilize A/B testing to optimize performance.

MBP Campaign Use Cases for Publishers

  • Upgrade Promotions: Target subscribers with recommended plans offering exclusive content or deeper dives into specific topics.

  • Win-Back Campaigns: Identify subscribers with expiring plans and recommend upgrades with enticing discounts or bonus content.

  • Preemptive Renewal Offers: Launch campaigns reminding subscribers of upcoming renewals and incentivize them to upgrade for additional benefits.

  • Retention Campaigns: Design campaigns highlighting the value


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