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Pelcro Platform Update: Enhanced Subscriptions, Streamlined Payments, and More!


🟢 This update introduces several enhancements to how subscription details are displayed and organized on the platform. The updates applies to both Subscriptions & Memberships sections within Pelcro.

pelcro subscription dashboard

  • Introducing "Final Phase End" column, providing visibility into the end date considering both the current subscription phase and any upcoming renewals. This will be available on subscriptions/memberships section, details, and exports.

  • The following table explains the terminology for key subscription/membership attributes:



Subscription Start

The date of subscription start

Subscription Expiry

The date of subscription expiry. (Unpopulated for subscriptions on auto renewal)

Current Phase Start

The date on which the current subscription phase started

Current Phase End

The date on which the current subscription phase is expected to end

Next Phase Start

The date on which the next subscription phase is expected to start

Final Phase End

The date on which the latest subscription phase is expected to end

Renewal Type

Indicates if the subscription automatically renews at the end of the phase

Collection Method

Indicates if the subscription is on auto payment or send invoice

pelcro customer status

  • Introducing "Renewal Type" column, providing visibility on whether a subscription is on Auto renewal or Manual renewal, made distinct from the subscription status column. The status column will now show one of the applicable subscription statuses: Trialing, Active, Expired, Past due, Unpaid, Incomplete, or Extended.

  • Subscriptions & Memberships section will now reflect the following renamed columns for more consistency in subscription related information:

  • Created → Subscription Start

  • Expiry Date → Subscription Expiry

  • Current Period Start → Current Phase Start

  • Current Period End → Current Phase End

  • Renewal Date → Next Phase Start

  • No changes are made to existing column names in exports. However, two new columns are introduced to the subscriptions and memberships exports:

  • final_phase_end

  • renewal_type

🟢 Pelcro now supports Direct Debit (BACS) payments through Stripe! This addition allows your UK customers to conveniently pay directly from their bank accounts, offering them more flexibility and control over their payments.

  • Enhanced Payment Options: Customers can now choose between Credit Card and Direct Debit as their preferred payment method during checkout.

  • Seamless Integration: We've integrated BACS payments seamlessly with Stripe, making it easy for you to activate and manage this new payment method.

  • Mandate Management: Pelcro takes care of handling mandates, ensuring secure and authorized Direct Debit transactions.

pelcro payment methods

payment methods

🟢 Pelcro has strengthened password security! We now enforce the same strict password requirements across all password actions, including resetting your forgotten password. This means your account will have a consistent level of protection regardless of how you manage your password. Additionally, all password actions will now provide the same clear and unified messages to help you create a strong password.

pelcro password change

🟢 You can now search for refunds using customer IDs directly within the refunds list. This update simplifies filtering and locating specific refunds associated with your customers.

pelcro refunds dashboard

🟢 You can now control where your customer goes to pay by setting a "Payment Button Link" in invoice settings. Options include your website, Pelcro's payment portal, or (for Stripe users) payment gateway link. The "Pay Now" button reflects your choice.

pelcro payment links

🟢 The customer organization details is now included on the invoice PDF as a key detail for use cases where an organization is being billed, and not an individual customer.

 pelcro invoices


🟢 Pelcro's Core API now offers more features to manage eCommerce orders. You can now through our Core API:

  • Retrieve specific orders by ID

  • Create new orders.

  • Update order status including transitions between "paid", "fulfilled", and "returned"

These features come with validation, error messages, and improved testing. This allows for automation of custom business logic based on order events.

Bug Fixes

  • When a gift is redeemed, no updates will be reflected on the gift donor's Mailchimp profile. Instead, the gift recipient's Mailchimp profile will be created or updated.

  • The logic for calculating the eCommerce order count on the eCommerce orders section has been updated to ensure it reflects the total number of items within the orders, taking into account when an SKU filter is selected.


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