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Bangor Daily News Partners with Pelcro to Automate Billing for Print & Digital Subscriptions

Automate billing for printer and digital subscriptions like BDN with Pelcro

Pelcro, a leading provider of recurring billing solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Bangor Daily News, a prominent newspaper serving central and eastern Maine. This collaboration empowers Bangor Daily News to streamline subscriber management and accelerate growth for their loyal print and digital audience.

"We're excited to be working with Pelcro because we have seen since the beginning that Pelcro understands the goals of newspapers in strengthening their newsrooms and has created a system that allows news organizations like Bangor Daily News to shine."  Todd Benoit President at Bangor Daily News

Pelcro's comprehensive platform emerged as the ideal solution for Bangor Daily News' requirements. It offers a unified view of both print and digital subscribers, enabling efficient management of all audiences within a single platform. Specifically, Pelcro addresses Bangor Daily News' billing needs with:

  • Streamlined Billing Operations: Effortlessly manage all aspects of subscriber billing, including recurring payments, one-off charges, and promotional offers, from a single platform.

  • Enhanced Revenue Recognition: Gain real-time insights into subscriber revenue and ensure accurate financial reporting with Pelcro's robust revenue recognition features.

  • Reduced Churn with Automated Billing: Minimize involuntary churn by automating renewals and dunning management, ensuring a smooth billing experience for subscribers.

A highlight of this partnership is Pelcro's integration with Mather, a leader in advanced segmentation and renewal pricing targeting. By harnessing Mather's technology, Bangor Daily News can implement targeted pricing strategies to optimize subscriber retention and drive revenue growth.

"We are very excited to be engaging in a long-term partnership with Bangor Daily News. We've already had numerous stimulating and rich conversations on growth and the future of print & digital subscriptions and are looking forward to what's to come." Mira Amin Client Strategy Consultant at Pelcro

This strategic partnership positions Bangor Daily News for long-term success. By leveraging Pelcro's automated billing solutions and Mather's advanced segmentation capabilities, they can streamline subscriber management, optimize revenue streams, and dedicate more resources to delivering exceptional journalism to their readers.


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