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5 Types of Readers: 5 Ways to Increase Your Reader Revenue

Updated: Mar 10

Getting to know your readers and what makes them tick is the key to increase your reader revenue.

The trick here is the pesky little fact that your readers are not clones. They come in a variety of shapes, interests, sizes, wants, and needs.

From your super fans who subscribed to your service the moment they saw your offer to your casual visitors who need a bit more wooing to take the plunge, there are ways to interact with each archetype that results in high conversion rates.

Keep on reading to learn all about the five different types of readers, and how to drive engagement —and of course, reader revenue— as befits each group.

Reader Type 1: Give Me Control or Give Me Death

You’ll definitely see this type of reader coming into your platform fully armed with an AdBlock in tow.

Quite serious about their ability to stay in control over their reading experience, this type of control-centric reader will want to avoid what they see as fluff or distraction from the content they wish to see.

A great way to start engaging with this reader is to set up Pelcro’s Anti AdBlock configuration. This way you can set the stage for your subscription offers, or the activation of your soft paywall, and thus, increase your reader revenue.

Reader Type 2: Almost Ready to Pay, but Not Really

You’ll find that the majority of your casual readers understand that you’ll need to make money somehow, but they’re still not willing to pay for access yet.

They’ll be more than willing to sign up for your newsletter, thus, giving you their email address as well as enabling you to track their behavior on your website. They’ll see it as a fair exchange to access more content, yet not pay for it in monetary terms.

With a couple of strategic offers on hand, built using the information gained by your reader’s registration, you can slowly but surely convert this type of reader to your subscription service.

Reader Type 3: What Are My Options?

There are some readers out there that don’t like feeling locked-in.

If they feel that they’re being nudged to a specific action, they will make sure not to comply regardless of whether they like the offer on hand or not.

This is where offering multiple options come in handy.

For example, having a mixture of payment selections to choose from, the virtue of having a flexible payment system, can create a sense of freedom in choosing what suits your reader best, instead of doing what seems to suit the publisher and only the publisher.

Reader Type 4: Where’s My Free Sample?

This reader will want to know exactly what they’re signing up for before they commit to your publication.

Free trials can be quite useful here. It’ll give your readers a taste of what’s to come when they fully onboard to your platform.

In addition, it helps them get a deeper sense of the added value you have to offer. It helps your brand look confident enough in its content, that the reader will (more likely than not) wish to dive in after knowing what they’re missing out on.

Reader Type 5: The Ad Hater

A bit on the rarer side of the reader spectrum, yet they do exist in not insignificant numbers.

There will be new visitors or casual readers of yours who will want to exchange a subscription fee for an ad-free experience without the need for any sort of ad blockers.

You can simply create an enticing subscription that allows this functionality to occur, in addition to bundling it with other perks unique to your publication.

For instance, if your publication delves into investigative journalism, you can send your members tote bags as a thank-you and a reminder that they’re helping the journalistic cause of free and unbiased reporting.

Ready to Increase Your Reader Revenue?

Know thy self…and your readers for that matter.

Once you know what your readers need from reading your content, as well as ease their way into reaching that goal, you will have unlocked the key to increasing your reader revenue.

Now that you know all about the main five archetypes of readers, you’re closer than ever before.

Yet, providing the right sort of platform that can enable flexible payment plans, with soft paywalls to boot is not an easy task.

You need a comprehensive system in place that can manage all of these features with a CRM on top. Schedule a demo with our team to find out how a powerful subscription platform can change your business for the better.


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