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3 Ways to Increase Reader Revenue via Mobile Marketing

Updated: Mar 10

It’s great to set mobile marketing as a priority for your business. After all, —almost—nothing can beat the fact that 70% of mobile search results can trigger an action within an hour.

It’s easy to use, and it’s measurable. Yet, trying to set it up from scratch can be a bit of a daunting concept.

The way to eliminate this uncertainty is to have solid foundations that can catapult your regular marketing strategy into becoming mobile-focused with no trouble.

Here are the top three foundational steps you need to take to set up your mobile marketing strategy for success.

1. Make Your Platform Mobile-Native

Or, at the very least, rather mobile-friendly. As it were, 8% of all digital traffic comes from smartphones and tablets.

When you also add this fact to the current trend of the younger generations’ higher rates of reliance on accessing the internet through their smartphones, you’ll get an upward trend of increasing mobile traffic across the board.

Therefore, before you start thinking about launching your shiny new mobile marketing campaign, make sure that your site is mobile-friendly.

This means that your homepage is shown in its entirety when accessed on a phone, as well as your menu and content.

Moreover, when you have a platform powered by Pelcro, you can get seamless In-app purchases through your website using Apple and Google pay.

Pelcro’s intuitive SDK for iOS and Android enables easy set up of a paywall in your mobile app.

In addition, Pelcro also works with native apps. We boast SDKs for both iOS and Android that can ensure that your website and your app are in sync.

2. Create Mobile-Friendly Content

Your mobile content should match the essential characteristic of smartphones. They’re mobile, to-the-point and quick.

Consequently, mobile users favor content that they can consume on the go. Long blogs with links can be a bit bothersome on a phone, but a short excerpt with a button will do the trick.

In addition, phone screens are tiny in comparison to computer screens, so if you’re putting all of your efforts into your “About Page”, stop.

Your mobile visitors will be heading straight for why they came to your platform in the first place, so a short snappy headline with a small writing section is the way to go.

3. Use Mobile Ads

According to a Neilsen study, mobile ads are now on par with desktop ads in terms of reach as well as conversion.

Furthermore, with campaigns aimed at younger audiences (ages 18-34), mobile ads actually get an edge and outperform desktop ads.

In addition, more data from other studies like Medialets’ case study show higher CTRs for tablets (0.59%) in comparison to desktops (0.23%).

Therefore, it’s a tremendous waste of opportunity if you don’t make use of mobile ads.

However, it’s essential to identify your core audience before you take this step. Trying to market to everyone (when you’re not Coca Cola) will leave you broke and you’ll have nothing to show for it.

A Mobile-Native Platform for a Mobile Audience

Trying to keep up with the latest marketing techniques can be exhausting.

However, we can assure you that mobile marketing is here to stay, and doing it right can bring new readers to your publication like nothing else.

We hope these three foundations of mobile marketing helped set you on the right track. If not, you can schedule a demo with our team to see what Pelcro can do for your publication.


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