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Key Benefits:

subscription managment Seamless Customer Expereince

Seamless customer experience

Create and view custom user fields

Create and view custom user fields

De-risk from security and compliance

De-risk from Security & Compliance

Pelcro's Subscription Managment CRM Launchpad Overview

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Pelcro's Subscription user dashboard

For Marketing & Operations

Holistic via of customers, and organizations

Create and update all the customer's passwords, invoices, organization, refunds, entitlements, and much more all in one place.

Search, sort, and filter

A selection of tools to find and view the data your customer data.

Create and view custom user fields

Create custom fields in the user flows and segment your customers based on them.

Get a free evaluation of your current funnel and user experience

For Developers

Integrate with 1 platform

Pelcro CRM combines identity, billing and authorization into 1 so you don't have to build and maintain integrations.

De-risk from Security & Compliance

De-risk your organization SOC-2, GDPR, Compliance, & Insurance and state of the art security requirements.

Easy to integrate

APIs, Webhooks, and JS access to all the user data surrounding identity, billing and authorization.

Pelcro's Customer service dashboard showing ticketes for publisher overview
Pelcro's front end of CRM showing total revenue from subscribers

For the End-User

Centralized user data

Enable your team to have a holistic view of the customer enabling them to help them faster.

Seamless customer experience

Give your customers the ability to register, subscribe and upgrade features all on their own.

Privacy & compliance

Centralized PII data for your customers to request data deletion and GDPR compliance.

Pelcro's CRM dashboard

7-Star CRM™️

No-code comprehensive solution.

out of the box integrations icon

7-Star ToolBox™️

Developer tools and docs for ultimate flexibility.


Pelcro Care™️

A team of experts for your every need.

Impacts of AI on the magazine industry e-book

Revolutionizing the Magazine Industry Guide: 

AI’s Role in Subscriber Acquisition, Retention, and Engagement

People Behind Pelcro

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