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High Country News Elevates User Experience for Subscribers with Pelcro

Updated: Apr 21

HCN Goes Live with Pelcro

High Country News (HCN), the independent, reader-supported nonprofit media organization dedicated to covering vital issues in the Western United States, is thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to its digital platform. HCN Launches with Pelcro's Subscription Management Tool, a cutting-edge solution that will revolutionize user experience, streamline interfaces, and unify all systems into one seamless operation encompassing digital content, print publications, and donations.

Pelcro, renowned for its innovative approach to audience engagement and revenue management, will empower HCN to provide an even more immersive and user-friendly experience for its diverse audience. This integration marks a pivotal moment in HCN's commitment to informing and inspiring people to act on behalf of the West's unique natural and human communities.

Abdallah Shapsough Head of Customer Success At Pelcro

Abdallah Shapsough Head of Customer Success At Pelcro

"We are excited to partner with High Country News to enhance their digital ecosystem, streamlining operations and enriching user engagement through our comprehensive subscription and membership management solutions. This collaboration underscores our commitment to empowering media organizations with innovative tools to better serve and connect with their audiences."

Key benefits of the Pelcro integration include:

  • Enhanced User Experience: The new platform will offer a modern, intuitive interface, ensuring readers have easy access to the rich content that defines HCN's mission. Navigation will be streamlined, creating a more enjoyable and informative experience for users.

  • Unified Systems: Pelcro's comprehensive solution will seamlessly integrate digital and print content with the donation process. This consolidation ensures a cohesive and efficient approach to managing HCN's various facets, creating a unified ecosystem for the organization and its supporters.

  • Scalability: Pelcro's flexible architecture ensures scalability as HCN continues to grow and evolve. The platform is designed to adapt to changing needs, providing a future-proof solution for HCN's expanding digital landscape.

Gary Love, Director of Product & Marketing at High Country News

Gary Love, Director of Product & Marketing at High Country News

"The integration of Pelcro into our digital operations is a significant milestone for HCN.  It streamlines our back-end processes like transactions, user management, and authentication, allowing us to focus more on our core mission: delivering insightful journalism about the Western United States. Our readers benefit from a central dashboard to manage all of their digital activities on as well as providing a streamlined method to buy and renew their subscriptions. This upgrade renews our commitment to our community, ensuring we remain at the forefront of independent, non-profit media dedicated to the American West in print and online."

High Country News invites its readers, supporters, and the broader community to explore the enhanced platform and experience firsthand the positive changes brought about by the Pelcro integration. This strategic move reinforces HCN's commitment to journalistic excellence and community engagement in the Western United States.



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