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Events: The Future Of Publisher Revenue

Publishers are always looking for different ways to streamline and increase their revenue. Some of the obvious answers include: hosting ads, creating a paywall and implementing a membership website. These are definitely all great ways to succeed, but what is the future of publisher revenue? Events!

People love to feel a sense of belonging, they enjoy connecting with like-minded people; which is why they love to go to stadiums and root for their favorite sports teams with other fans.

It’s also why people love to join chat rooms and discussion forums.

Successful publishers take it to the next level and use events to gather like-minded people in the same room. A publisher can reach thousands of people and has the power to bring them together.

People from all over the world, meeting in one place, bringing different perspectives and opinions to a topic.

Of course, for many publishers, it may sound scary, renting a room, sending out invites, and investing all this money and hoping people show up.

The best thing is, you can test out the waters by hosting a virtual event, they work best for B2B audiences. The best thing about virtual events? They save a lot of time and there is no seat limit! You can use these events to offer your audience workshops by professionals.

Furthermore, you can also consider co-hosting an event with another industry player. By doing so, you’re bringing both of your members together and giving them the opportunity to meet.

How Events Will Increase Publisher Revenue

Collecting Data: Knowledge is power, learning about your audience and what interests them keeps you more in tune with the content you should be offering. By holding these events you are receiving direct feedback from your audience.

Meeting Professionals: You get to interview guest speakers, experts in their field, and bring their valuable information to attendees, bringing more value to the table and more credibility to your brand. 

Building Connections: Your audiences get to meet one another, strengthing their bonds with each other and therefore building a stronger bond with your brand. 

Mix It Up

Thus, the formula for maximizing revenue? a Diversified portfolio. Don’t just rely on events to become your only source of revenue. Continue to explore other options and get creative!


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