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4 Reasons Why People Would Prefer to Pay for Content

It is a common misconception that website visitors prefer consuming free content than paying for it. Although that may be the truth for some visitors, there is a subset of the audience that is usually overlooked. Although the subset that is willing to pay may be small, a single subscriber can bring 30x more financial value to the website than an ad viewer.

Here are 4 reasons why these visitors would prefer to pay for their content:

1 – Show Support

People want to show their support for their favorite content creators and publications. They are willing to do so by paying for access to their content and a chance to contribute to their success.

2 – Better User Experience

Better User Experience

Because users paying for content can generate 2x as much revenue as Ads, publishers no longer need to bombard their users with any ads at all. That also means websites have more money to spend on creating an even better user experience.

3 – Reliable Journalism

Credible and Reliable Publishing

A website that is backed by subscribers rather than funded by ads does not have to rely on clicks and therefore content creators can go back to focusing on what they do best: writing great quality content.

4 – Premium Content

Premium Content

People want to be in the know. Not only that, they want to be more in the know than others. Whether it’s getting early access to information or exclusive news about topics that are of interest to them, users see the clear value in paying for that.

Conclusion: Everyone wins when visitors that would rather pay for content are given the option to subscribe.


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