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3 Reasons Why Our Social Login Feature Is Great For Your Business

Updated: Feb 1


As you may know by now, we spend most of our time thinking of new ways where you can improve your business on our platform. We do this by researching and providing new incentives through features and enhancements. These features and enhancements would result in an increase in your conversion rate and drive up your sales, like our social login feature.

If you classify as a lead generation-oriented website, research shows that the average website bounce rate is about 30%-50%. This rate goes up to 65%-90% if you are a news or blog-oriented website. We can digress and spend time discussing why this is less than ideal for your business, especially if it’s a subscription business model. Instead, let us show you why our Social Login feature provides a solution.

What Is The Social Login Feature:

Social Logins is basically a feature that allows your subscribers to log in using your social media credentials. This is an option instead of going through the process of creating a new account and password via email. This feature is widely used throughout most subscription websites. It has gained popularity recently due to the many perks it provides to subscription businesses.

Using our React Elements, you can easily integrate the feature into your website. By either following the steps in the video below or by going through the steps in our documentation, we break down the process. This feature currently supports Facebook and Google, but with more to come.

Why You Should Use The Social Login Feature:

Beyond just their popularity, there are 3 main reasons why you should integrate the Social Logins feature for your business:

  1. Increasing your conversion rate

  2. Minimising activation time

  3. Improving user experience

and here’s why.

Increase Conversion Rate

Making it super simple to sign up for new products, the introduction of a 1 click form is ideal for potential subscribers and customers. Geared for those who are either on the fence or who have not made a full decision of purchase, but are still interested in signing up. By providing the social login feature, you are collecting information about them for further follow-ups and lead generation.

Minimise Activation Time

Time is the one thing we always claim to be running out of, which is why any few seconds here and there we could spare is always welcomed. The average time spent on a website is about 45 seconds, but what most subscription businesses don’t realize is that their login modal takes about 20 seconds to fill in. This means that your users only have a few seconds to engage! This allows for a higher bounce rate and involuntary churn before they even begin. However, with a shortened sign-up process this problem dissolves.

Improved User Experience

The front-end is the face of your business, and the better designed and implemented, the more the user wants to experience all it has to offer. With quick sign-ups using the social logins, and the integration of other features, the chances of recurring revenue and limitation of churn increases, because put simply, why leave something that’s working well.

But if all that doesn’t convince you, here’s a comparative video showing the time difference:


What originally started as a small request from a client, quickly turned into a key feature for all Pelcro platform users. We take your business needs seriously and constantly consider ways to minimize churn and effectively enhance user experience. Striving to bring the best for our clients’ subscriptions, memberships, and eCommerce needs. Schedule a demo call with one of our experts or get started with a free trial. Find out today what Pelcro can add to your business.


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