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Pelcro AI


The FASTEST way to Invoice and Collect

Get paid faster while eliminating thousands of hours wasted on manual data entry.

Send an invoice to Fitness Inc. for 33,000 euros

or Upload Contract

 1  Initiate 

You upload a contract or enter a short prompt.

Write a Prompt or upload a contract to create invoices with Pelcro AI

Pelcro AI will create invoices and collection strategy.

 2   Process 
Invoices Create by Pelcro AI
 3  Complete 

You validate, send, and collect.

Collection By Pelcro AI

Write a prompt or upload a contract to get started

Write a Prompt or upload a contract to create invoices with Pelcro AI
Pelcro AI logo
Pelcro AI takes care of the rest
(in seconds)
 Step 1 

Create Company 

  • Validate if the company already exists

  • Create a company profile

  • Save the address and all relevant information

Create a Company profile with Pelcro AI by uploading a contract
Write a Prompt or upload a contract to create invoices with Pelcro AI
 Step 2 

Save Contacts

  • Validate if the contacts already exist

  • Attach contacts to the relevant company

  • Save their name, email, phone number, and more

 Step 3 

Set up Products or Services

  • Create a new product or service

  • Add description and entitlements

  • Record all of the relevant terms and key dates

Setup product and plans with Pelcro AI
Generate invoices instantly with Pelcro AI
 Step 4 

Generate Invoice

  • Generate one-time or recurring invoices

  • Set payment amount, discounts, and currency

  • Configure payment terms and taxes

 Step 5 

Sync with Accounting

  • Setup revenue recognition method

  • Integrate with Quickbooks, Xero, or Netsuite

  • Automate invoice status updates

Sync accounting QuickBooks with Pelcro AI
Personlised payments with pelcro
 Step 6 

Accept Payments

  • Offer personalize payment methods

  • Record all of the relevant terms and key dates

Step 6
Step 5.2
 Step 7 

Set Follow-up Strategy

  • Create a payment link

  • Send email and text reminders

  • Set up an escalation strategy

Multichannel Reminder and follow ups
Follow up Stratagey
Step 7.1
Pelcro AI sending invoices and receiving payments

Validate and Collect

  • Validate all the details in minutes

  • Send you invoices and payment links

  • Track payment statuses and collect

Get Started

Invoice with speed and accuracy

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Send a 12,000 euro invoice to Fitness Inc.

Ask Billing AI Anything

Find out which invoices are overdue, forcast revenue for next quarter, and much more.

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  • Accounting Itegrations



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+$9/month/100,000 Credits

  • Email and Phone Support

  • Payment Integrations

  • Accounting Integrations

  • Email Integrations

  • Free Foreign Exchange Fees

*Credits are any input and output words

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Start saving time and money by invoicing with Pelcro AI.

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