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Due to high demand, earlier submissions will be prioritized.

Join the PelcroGPT Initiative.

Join the mission to double subscriptions and eliminate churn for all magazines and newspapers regardless of your vendor.

Pelcro is trusted by industry leaders:

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Churn PelcroGPT

Apply to join the Initiative

Join the mastermind group of magazine and newspaper leaders on a mission.

  • Combine ChatGPT and Pelcro's tools with expert guidance from industry leaders to optimize product and service promotion.

  • Deliver tailored messaging and offers to subscribers, boosting revenue potential by up to 30% with GPT-generated recommendations.

  • Simplify purchases with "click-free" chat and voice input, minimizing drop-off rates and maximizing conversions.

  • Identify and intervene with personalized offers to reduce churn by up to 30%, based on subscriber behavior and requests.

  • Utilize Agent GPT to promptly address inquiries and fulfil subscriber needs, reducing support tickets and preventing potential churn.

People Behind Pelcro

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