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Get Your Own KnowledgeGPT for Free to Reduce Customer Service Costs by 50%

Your AI-powered solution for giving your customers instant answers to inquiries, product details, and more. Revolutionize customer support with advanced GPT technology, reducing tickets while boosting satisfaction effortlessly.

KnowledgeGPT Pelcro

In response to the challenges faced by the publishing industry, which ranks among the top 10 shrinking markets globally, we're excited to introduce our initiative aimed at revitalizing publisher operations. Here's what we're offering:

  • Free GPT Development: Tailored AI solution developed for publishers at no cost.

  • Efficient Customer Engagement: AI-powered tool to address inquiries, boosting engagement.

  • Combat Industry Decline: Empowerment to stay competitive in a shrinking market.

  • Affordable Subscription: Implement on websites for just $99 USD/month.

Sign Up Now to get your own GPT developed for free.

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