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Featured partners

Stripe payment processor + Pelcro verified partner

As a certified Stripe partner, Pelcro leverages Stripe Connect to manage your customer’s subscriptions, invoices, payment methods, and charges, all through our platform features as well as our APIs. 

PayPal Pelcro Partner

Pelcro offers a PayPal integration that connects straight through our platform. The integration works by configuring both PayPal and Braintree accounts.

Tap Pelcro Partner

Tap Payments simplifies payments regionally and globally, by unifying and connecting all regional and international payment under a single integration. Pelcro offers Tap support right out of the box.

WorldPay Pelcro Partner

Pelcro seamlessly integrates with WorldPay, a global leader in payments technology, enabling effortless processing across all channels – whether in-store, online, or on mobile devices.

Cyber Source Pelcro Partner

Pelcro offers an integration with Cybersource payment services, that connects straight through our platform. Cybersource is a global payment gateway that enables you to take credit and debit card payments online around the world.

Google Analytics Pelcro Partner

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, operating within the Google Marketing Platform brand. This allows you to leverage the power of both Pelcro and Google Analytics without requiring any code.

Dialog Insights Pelcro Partner

Dialog Insight is a customer data platform empowering brands to maximize customer data for impactful marketing campaigns across email, SMS, web, and mobile channels within a centralized SaaS platform.

Darwin CX pelcro Partner

This integration between Pelcro and Darwin will sync subscriptions into Darwin.

Tag Manager Pelcro Partner

You can easily integrate Pelcro with your Google Tag Manager in order to track and trigger certain events and hence tag sub-sequent steps there. 

Klaviyo Pelcro Partner

Integrate Pelcro with Klaviyo, an email marketing platform tailored for online businesses, to synchronize events, newsletters, and contacts. This enables automated communication based on customer interactions tracked within Pelcro.

Mailchimp Pelcro Partner

Pelcro's Mailchimp integration allows you to leverage the power of both Pelcro and Mailchimp to simplify your communications with subscribers. 

Mapp Pelcro Partner

Integrate Pelcro with Mapp Empower to control and send transactional emails based on live events occurring on Pelcro.

Omeda Pelcro Partner

 Pelcro integrates with Omeda to automatically sync all of your Pelcro customer and newsletter data directly into your Omeda information elements, so that there isn't any hassle in doing so manually.

Send Grid Pelcro Partner

SendGrid is a cloud-based SMTP provider that assists you with email delivery, by allowing you to send emails without having to maintain email servers. 

Zapier Pelcro Partner

A Zapier integration can connect Pelcro's API to the Zapier platform and let it integrate with 3,800+ other popular apps to watch for new or updated data, find existing data, or create and update data.

Disqus Pelcro Partner

Pelcro provides an out of the box integration to allow businesses to leverage an SSO integration with Disqus so that your users can use the same authentication on your site and on Disqus.

MiLibris Pelcro Partner

The Milibris integration allows you to add Milibris custom titles to your Pelcro products, as well as setting up a unique API endpoint to retrieve subscriptions, customers, and Milibris titles.

Vimeo Pelcro Partner

Integrate with Vimeo the american video hosting, sharing, and services platform. This integration will allow you to sync the newly created customers on Pelcro to your Vimeo dashboard.

AMP Pelcro Partner

Pelcro provides you with everything you need to integrate with AMP out of the box. This allows you to create a custom AMP page experience based on the authorization and subscription statuses.

WordPress Pelcro Partner

You can effortlessly integrate Pelcro with WordPress using just a few lines of code.

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